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100 Plus

How the Coming Age of Longevity Will Change Everything, From Careers and Relationships to Family and Faith

by Sonia Arrison

ISBN: 9780465063765

Binding: Paperback


1001 Natural Remedies

by Laurel Vukovic

<p><b>Did you know that a few drops of Eucalyptus oil can deter clothes moths?</b></p> <p>Simple recipes for making your own natural remedies, beauty treatments and household products.</p> <p><b>Or that nothing is more effective than almond and ...

ISBN: 9780751364477

Binding: Paperback


320 Single Best Answer Questions For Final Year Medical Students

by Adam Ioannou

ISBN: 9789813146389

Binding: Paperback


A Concise Guide to Clinical Trials

by Allan Hackshaw

Clinical trials have revolutionized the way disease is prevented, detected and treated, and early death avoided, and they continue to be an expanding area of research. They are central to the work of pharmaceutical companies, and there are many ...

ISBN: 9781405167741

Binding: Paperback


A Sociology of Family Life - Change and Diversity in Intimate Relations

by Deborah Chambers

New kinds of intimate relationships such as post-divorce families, co-habiting couples, ?friends as family' and same-sex unions are now commonplace. This book explores the growing diversity of family life by presenting a comprehensive assessment

ISBN: 9780745647791

Binding: Paperback


ABC of Dermatology 6E

by Rachael Morris-Jones

<p>With over 450 full colour images, <i>ABC of Dermatology</i> is a practical guide to identification, recognition, treatment and management of common dermatological conditions encountered within primary care, walk-in centres, and the emergency ...

ISBN: 9781118520154

Binding: Paperback


ABC of Emergency Radiology 3E

by Otto Chan

<p>Rapid acquisition and interpretation of radiographs, portable ultrasound (US) and computed tomography (CT) are now the mainstay of initial successful management of sick and traumatized patients presenting to Accident and Emergency ...

ISBN: 9780470670934

Binding: Paperback


Abnormal Laboratory Results Manual

by Geoffrey Kellerman

ISBN: 9780070998421

Binding: Paperback


Acid Alkaline Diet for Dummies

by Julie Wilkinson

<b>Restore your pH balance and live a healthier life</b> <p>Our caveman ancestors followed a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and legumes, but with time and the advent of agriculture, our diets changed drastically to include ...

ISBN: 9781118414187

Binding: Paperback


Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook for Dummies

by Patricia Raymond

<b>Get rid of GERD for good</b> <p>Is your heartburn making you dread meal times? No matter how delicious a feast is before you, the prospect of that burning pain, nausea, and even vomiting can be enough to make you turn away. Heartburn is a ...

ISBN: 9781118839195

Binding: Paperback


ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities 4ed

by American College of Sports Medicine

ISBN: 9781450434140

Binding: Hardback


Active Living, Cognitive Functioning, and Aging

by Leonard Poon

ISBN: 9780736057851

Binding: Hardback


Acupressure & Reflexology for Dummies

by Synthia Andrews

<b>Features healing routines and illustrations to guide you</b> <p><b>Ease your aches and find relief through the power of touch</b></p> <p>Searching for alternative treatments for pain? This friendly, do-it-yourself guide introduces you to the

ISBN: 9780470139424

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Roots of Modern Practice

by Charles Buck

ISBN: 9781848191594

Binding: Hardback



Acupuncture for Body, Mind and Spirit

by Peter Mole

ISBN: 9781848192034

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncture for New Practitioners

by John Hamwee

ISBN: 9781848191020

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book

by Rainy Hutchinson

ISBN: 9781848192669

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncture Therapeutics

by Zhu Bing

ISBN: 9781848190399

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncturist's Guide to Conventional Medicine 2ed

by Clare Stephenson

ISBN: 9781848193024

Binding: Hardback