The Silent Self

Your Handwriting — A Path to Self-Advancement
by Angeline Welk

Publisher: Light Technology Publishing

Publication Date: May 02, 2017

ISBN: 9781622336326

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Within all of us there is an "inner core." It is there where we can behold our own pulse, rhythmically, harmoniously blending with the divine. For many of us, this "silent core" folded in its unique rhythm, is hidden. We have yet to know of it and to experience its presence. This manual is to guide you as you seek to unfold the continuum of the eternal, divine pulse within you. Your handwriting is a "mirror" of your inner pulse. Symbolically, it reveals your attitudes, behavioral tendencies, inner resourcefulness, self-direction, and interpersonal motivations. That inner "essence" however, may not be known because of fears, anxieties, ego motivations, and self-destructive patterns. Thus there is disharmony clouding the inner rhythm. The lessons of this manual assist you in bringing into harmony and balance your modes of thinking, feelings, and willing. To involve different conscious levels, the lessons include form drawings, visualizations, reflections and affirmations, along with modifying or changing limiting writing patterns. The function of each of these activities is explained in the book.