The Golden Flower

Toltec Mastery of Dreaming and Astral Voyaging
by Koyote the Blind
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Publisher: Gateways Books & Tapes

Series: Consciousness Classics

Publication Date: July 13, 2018

ISBN: 9780895566171

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A unique book on the art of dreaming, astral projection, and voyaging through the higher planes, presented by a Toltec shaman and Western magician. This is the Yoga of Dreaming. It is a distillation of the deepest teachings and art of lucid dreaming, delivered in clear and practical, yet poetic, prose. A delight to read, and filled with practical gems throughout. The exercises included in the text will introduce the novice to lucid dreaming practices—or enable the more advanced reader to experiment new approaches to Dreaming as a spiritual practice.