The Dream Workboook: The Practical Guide to Understanding Your Dreams and Having Them Work for You

by Joe Friedman

Publisher: Joe Friedman

Publication Date: May 18, 2015

ISBN: 9781310211768

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This is the ultimate practical guide to discovering the world of dreams. It starts by helping you learn how to remember your dreams, and goes on to help you understand your dreams and begin to utilize their enormous power.
This is not a dream "dictionary" in which you are told that if you dream of a flower something will blossom for you. Rather, The Dream Workbook gives you specific practical techniques for discovering the meaning of your dreams for yourself. It shows how this exciting journey of discovery can enhance your life.
The Dream Workbook also will help you explore the world of the dream - the great 'thinkers' on dream theory, how dreams have been used and seen in other cultures, the ability to be conscious during dreams, and how to use dreams to travel through time and space. Using entertaining case histories and step-by-step techniques, Joe Friedman enables readers to discover how dreams can resolve creative impasses, unlock "stuck" situations, improve relationships, and increase self-understanding.

Joe Friedman trained as a psychotherapist with the Philadelphia Association (founded by R.D. Laing). He has worked with individuals, groups and couples for over thirty years. His main area of interest is dream creativity and interpretation. He has taught classes on dreams, run dream groups and workshops exploring dream incubation, lucid dreams and psychic dreams in the UK and Europe. He is also the author of the acclaimed Boobela and Worm series of children's books.