The Dream Interpreter

by Ray Harris

Publisher: Ray Harris

Publication Date: November 02, 2018

ISBN: 9781310964923

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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At last, a clear concise guide to understanding exactly what your dreams mean!

The Dream Interpreter is a dynamic collection of dream concepts and specific easy methods of dream interpretation – it is also contains instructions on how to learn the unique language of your brain!

Now dream expert Ray Harris shares his 40 years of experience, knowledge and tips with you, to discover the secrets of your inner psyche and mind, and exploit them to your benefit, and thereby enjoy a happier, fuller life!

How many times have you wondered what your dream meant?

How important are dreams in the big scheme of things?

These questions are answered clearly in Ray's dynamic concepts of dream interpretation, and reveal so very much more than we could ever suppose!

Dreams are the only tangible bridge that humans have to access the higher realms of mind and spirit, yet so little is known about this fantastic ability that we all have – with 'The Dream Interpreter', you can easily enter that realm, and explore little known facts regarding dreams and their interpretation.

Mankind has always sought oracles in order to get a glimpse of the future, yet, he has missed the most important realization – that the very oracle he seeks lies within his very own brain!

Apart from giving step-by-step guidance on how to easily determine what your dream meant, Ray includes a powerful methodology to understand the strange language of your very own brain, which is unique from others in so many ways. Following this simple methodology will open a gateway to life that you never knew existed before, and unravel the mysteries of your mind in exciting and fun ways.

The Dream Interpreter presents you with a fabulous opportunity to discover the secrets of your inner psyche and mind, and exploit them to your benefit!

A new and exciting adventure awaits!