The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse

How Emotional Abuse and Emotional Elder Abuse Destroy Us All
by Gunta I Krumins
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Publisher: 1957

Publication Date: February 01, 2017

ISBN: 9780994012418

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Researcher, author stands up to Emotional Abuse   

Gunta Krumins presents the first comprehensive, non-clinical and educational guide exposing Emotional Abuse, a silent epidemic, as the foundation of all types of abuse that ascends simple yelling or verbal bullying and often culminates into Elder Abuse, another hidden issue. Explaining how to detect, expose and fight Emotional Abuse, the book ultimately creates a blueprint for stopping the cycle in our homes and communities.

Intimately acquainted with the damaging costs of a manipulative relationship, and after years of reflection and a long-term behavioural study, Krumins presents the guide so readers can see beyond the veil of disguise and recognize the different levels and situations of Emotional Abuse. From a personal but professional point of view, she keeps an eye on the “big picture” as she revisits the subject of Emotional Abuse and Emotional Elder Abuse regarding issues of the true dangers of walking away from suspected situations of either, understanding how to identify situations involving either, intervention and the healing process for victims of abuse and what society can do together to help the victims and their families.

The book is written for victims and families of victims of Emotional Abuse, such as Emotional Elder Abuse, who are seeking information on how to recognize and survive it, as well as for any professional who is trying to understand and manage these types of situations i.e. first responders (paramedics, police), elder/abuse advocacy centers, camps, schools, community centers, nursing homes, etc. It can also provide valuable insight for governments, educational institutions, nursing colleges, medical programs, nursing homes, community centers, police, social agencies, legal profession, general public, financial institutions, etc. who are focused on enacting laws and implementing social policy. 

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