Spiritual Awakening

by Sannyasin Bayaty
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Publisher: Clube de Autores

Publication Date: May 24, 2018

ISBN: 6569000035600

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The author explains how she followed a spiritual trajectory independent of religious traditions or sects, having received the Sannyas in the line of Master Osho. The sannyas is a movement of the seekers of truth, who seek to live life in its totality, through meditation, in search of enlightenment. The goal of Bayaty is to motivate you to follow your own spiritual path, in a free and independent way, taking into account that each person is a unique and special individual in himself. Bayaty presents his extrasensory experiences, such as mediumship, hypnosis, transmutation, regression, and astral projection, and how he used those resources to solve problems and expand consciousness with the help of enlightened masters.