Rough Guide: Treasure Hunting In the Philippines By Whaka Honeheke, Published by Tradebridge Inc

by Whaka Honeheke

Publisher: Jason Bainbridge

Publication Date: July 06, 2017

ISBN: 9781370762514

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This handbook was written as a guide to anyone visiting the Philippines and getting the ‘gold bug’. Most of the contents are from personal experiences and relating the hundreds of experiences that my fellow Gold Warriors have had, good, bad and ugly.

The Yamashita Treasure has spawned a massive industry duping foreigners with fake bars, fake maps and creative lies. These dubious characters, who are very convincing, offering small samples of evidence to support the fabrication, have scammed millions of dollars from the unwary. This scam has been going on since the War and will continue, that is an undeniable fact.

Treasure hunting is a passion where one can become a deal junkie, and in some cases, almost an addict to this mercurial addiction.

The Internet has numerous accounts of the Treasure, which was stolen by Japanese Gangsters, now known as ‘Yakuza’ starting in 1899 in Korea. The rape and pillage of all Asian Nations continued with billions of dollars of precious gems, gold and priceless antiques and works of art, all transported back to Japan and sent to the Philippines in vessels disguised as hospital ships under the direction of Admiral Iwabuchi and handed ,over to General Yamashita to bury and hide all over the Philippines. In my book, Rough Guide to Treasure Hunting in the Philippines, I have listed over 120 of these sites, originally there were 175 sites but some have been looted, the most famous by President Marcos who recovered huge amounts with the assistance of a Swedish Physic, Olaf Johnsen.

If these rumors intrigue you and you think ‘Why not give it a go?’ My advice is seriously think about the pros and cons of this new adventure, its great fun, a money pit, risky and you could become seriously injured, even lose your life, all in pursuit of your quest. Still not daunted? Then read on my brave warriors.