Qatar Confessions Part II

Extreme Taboos
by A.K.Aaron

Publisher: Abaya Books

Series: Qatar Confessions Series

Publication Date: May 05, 2017

ISBN: 9780997535617

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Qatar Confessions is a multicultural fiction series that explores sensitive topics related to human rights, terrorism, child trafficking, slavery, racism, and tribal customs from the viewpoints of people living and working in Qatar. This ethnic mosaic is woven together with the search for a missing woman and her unborn child.
Claire Aaron is still missing from Qatar, a Middle Eastern country superpower. After an extensive search for his missing and pregnant wife Claire’s husband attempted to locate her by publishing a portion of her research as Qatar Confessions Secret Taboos. His effort expands in Qatar Confessions Part II, Extreme Taboos which is the second book of the series and probes subjects such as misyar or pleasure marriages, slavery, virginity, prostitution, racism, labia lengthening, chastity belts, and ISIS sex slaves.
You will experience the chilling ordeals of a child bride, learn new procedures for infertility, obtain a close-up view of a mother’s struggle in Syria, join a Tawerghan refugee as she attempts to escape the Libyan invasion, and imagine a female journalist fear held captive in an ISIS sex slave camp. These are just a few examples of the compelling stories shared in this series.
Each book in the Qatar Confessions series contains a collection of twenty narratives that will inspire you to look at life through a different lens. These provocative sketches reveal touching first-person viewpoints that create an ornate tapestry of human life tortured by societal taboos. Take an odyssey into a complex world you will find both captivating and at times, shocking.
Qatar Confessions Part II Extreme Taboos explores the fragile limits of truth and fiction. Do you want a rare peek behind the Arabian Gulf’s veil of secrecy? The Qatar Confessions Series will give you that and more. It is a cultural expose’ on steroids!