(The Mother of All Genocide) the yet to Be Investigated Genocide of the Ibos
by Philip Eze Ehirim
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Publication Date: December 13, 2018

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Pogrom is the story of the genocidal massacre and the ethnic cleansing of the Ibos resident in the Northern Nigeria and elsewhere in other parts of Nigeria, by their fellow countrymen (Hausa – Fulani), in reprisal for January 15th 1966 failed coup detat. The author insist the Pogrom never got investigated and remains the only ethnic cleansing not investigated the whole world today. The UNO is reminded that the onerous task of finding out what really happened and who and who perfected and executed the act can not be wished away by the world body. He further suggested the delay in investigation into the ugly annihilation of the Ibos could count to the apparent absence of peace, progress and development, as in local parlance, the spirit of the victims have not rested until they get justice.