Loving What Is

How Four Questions Can Change Your Life
by Byron Katie


Publication Date: August 01, 2002

ISBN: 9780712629300

Binding: Paperback

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"This simple but profound philosophy is the essence of Loving What is and it comes from Byron Katie, a woman who has known great pain and suffering in her life. At her lowest, bleakest point, she awakened one morning to a spontaneous and dramatic shift in awareness. What she received and what she has been successfully sharing with people around the world ever since is a gift of inner clarity and peace. She calls it The Work and work is does. he Work of Byron Katie is simply four questions which you can use to find relief from chronic problems on all levels- mental, emotional and physical. When used in different situations, these four questions (and the way you then turn them around) can awaken peaceful even ecstatic feelings, and radically alter your perspective. nlike any spiritual system before it, The Work doesn't attempt to change or silence you mind, but rather to understand and befriend it. This is about being who you are, in your own skin, comfortable with reality, able to love yourself. hrough these four easy questions (and the turn-around) you can reach new and profound understandings about your life. You can replace pain with laughter and joy; exchange feeling w