Knowing the Truth May Save Your Life and Money Part 2 of 3

by Chris K. H. Teo

Publisher: Chris K. H. Teo

Publication Date: May 12, 2015

ISBN: 9781311708021

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Consultation with the Oncologist: Pancreatic Cancer

Oncologist: Oh, you stay in Sea View. What are you working as?
Patient: I am a forex trader in a bank.
Onco: Do you buy health insurance?
P: Yes, I did.
He asked me to lie down. Checked here and checked there. He saw the scans. He put on his computer and showed four patients. One was a miracle case – he survived 6 years with no sign of cancer coming back. He said there are 3 types of people that he treated. The one type is completely cured. The second type is in remission and the third type is just wasting his time. He is suggesting that I am the type that is wasting his time.
Onco: I can’t cure you.

But he asked me to go back and think and decide.
Onco: I can start you on chemo. Chemo is every week, for 8 times.
Husband: What are the side effects.
Onco: Nothing.
Husband: He said to us, “If you go for chemo, you must eat a lot of meat. And we will be generous with the painkiller."

Result: Shocked, upset and totally lost. He talked to me as if I was wasting his time.
Time of consultation: Not more than 15 minutes. Cost of consultation: SDG 700 (RM1,800).

In this 36-page booklet I have tried to give you all the information that you need to know about the medical treatment of cancer. This will fill in the gap that the oncologists do not tell you. The facts and opinions in this book are not "cooked up" or merely my imagination. They are all quoted from books or medical journals. Bitter and hard to swallow, these truths have to be told. I hope this information may help you make a wise decision. It is your life!

Definition of stupid: Knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.