Myth...reality...or both?
by Alexandra Ioana Furdui
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Publisher: Publicious Book Publishing

Publication Date: October 18, 2017

ISBN: 9780648158714

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The theory advanced in this book presents the old story of the island of ‘Atlantis’ in a completely new light. Thus:

It is proposed that an ISLAND once existed in the middle of the antediluvian Black Sea freshwater lake, an island which could have been the original antediluvian ‘Atlantis’ inhabited by a different ancient species of humans, the Titans of Greek myth. It is proposed that a number of those Titans started in time a sister civilization on the mainland, especially in the Carpathians and in the lower Danube region where the famous Columns of Hercules were erected. It is proposed that our own human species the Homo sapiens, had been ‘created’ in Africa by Giants, and that at a later time a group of humans migrated to south-east Europe and met the Titans, who undertook to oversee from that time onwards their mental development and cultural progress. It is proposed that as a result of cataclysmic earthquakes and great planetary upheaval the ISLAND sank, forming the abyssal basin of the present Black Sea. It is proposed that after those great geological changes, the Titans, obliterated as a homogenous population, continued to play a decisive role in the emergence of the Neolithic and Bronze Age civilizations in south-east Europe, from where they radiated in all directions. It is proposed that throughout their long association with human societies, the Titans continued to teach, guide and lead them to new cultural heights. Then, when their time ran out they were remembered and worshiped as Gods, Titans, Ancestors, Wise ones, powerful beings who bestowed knowledge to humankind.