Heart Of The Matter: A Simple Guide To Discovering Gifts InStrange Wrapping Paper, The

by Weissman Darren

Publisher: Hay House

Publication Date: January 29, 2014

ISBN: 9781401940737

Binding: Paperback

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How do we access the authentic self in order to live fulfilling, meaningful life? The Heart of the Matter introduces you to a simple but extraordinarily powerful tool called the See, Feel, Hear Challenge that will inspire you to easily transform reactive patterns of behavior and negative ways of thinking into a profoundly balanced and healthy lifestyle of your own conscious design. Based in the latest findings in neuroscience and neurocardiology, this book reveals astounding power of our emotions and how they can either limit us or set us free. As important as eating, breathing, and sleeping, processing out emotions is the fundamental key to creating harmony in all areas of life. This technique will help us do exactly that- provide guidance on how to live in the moment and create the incredible existence that we desire. Using clear steps and real experiences, Dr. Weissman's latest work, co-authored with Cate Montana, teaches you a new way to live intentionally. Get ready to evoke positive change that will impact the world you're a part of change that will remold your body, mind, and emotions into a purposeful expression of the radiant spirit that you are. Whether your life is speaking to you through addictions or dysfunctional relationships, illness or unhappiness or you're focused on becoming an Olympic champion The Heart of the Matter gives you a potent tool for real change and transformation that you'll be able to use no matter what issues may arise.