Healing Herbal Infusions

Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Colds, Muscle Pain, Upset Stomach, Stress, Skin Issues and More
by Colleen Codekas

Publisher: St Martins Press

Publication Date: October 23, 2018

ISBN: 9781624146473

Binding: Paperback

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As more people choose to live more naturally and take an active role in their health, herbalism has grown in popularity, and this book serves as wonderful introduction for the beginner. Infusions, made by steeping a botanical in liquid, are the easiest and safest ways to harness plants' healing properties. Herbalist and blogger Colleen Codekas has crafted the 75 most effective infusions to remedy common ailments. To boost your immunity during cold & flu season, create a medicinal tea with vitamin C–packed rose hips, hibiscus, orange and cinnamon. For readers with muscle or joint pain, craft a salve with arnica flowers or lavender and peppermint. If you have digestion discomfort, a simple syrup made with ginger and turmeric will do wonders. Readers will also learn effective infusions for sprains and bruises, burns, itchy skin, inflammation, headaches, sore throats, stress and so much more. Colleen even includes a cannabis coconut oil infusion, which is one of the most effective topical remedies for pain. Each recipe is simple to make, uses easily sourced materials and, best of all, really works! With the perfect combination of Colleen’s personal experience and scientific research, the recipes help readers safely make adjustments and substitutions. Budding herbalists, families seeking safe home remedies and natural living enthusiasts will love crafting their own wellness products. This book has 75 recipes and 75 photos.