Deep-Rooted Wisdom


Publisher: Timber Press

Publication Date: March 25, 2014

ISBN: 9781604694529

Binding: Paperback

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Who taught you to garden? In the past, gardening knowledge was handed down from generation to generation. The essential skills necessary to create productive, beautiful gardens were passed from teacher to student and parent to child. Today that chain of wisdom has been broken and some of the old skills and techniques are in danger of being lost. Our connection to the earth and to the simple joy of gardening is being lost along with them. Jenks Farmer did learn to garden from his elders. He had dozens of mentors, including friends, family, and teachers, who taught him low-tech, common sense ways to plant, propagate, water, and fertilize. In Deep-Rooted Wisdom, Jenks uses his natural storytelling ability to pass on the art and science of gardening to you. With Jenks as your mentor, you will learn how to create modern gardens and reintroduce yourself to the wonders of the natural world.