A Zen-inspired memoir about sensual pleasures, freedom from dark places, and living and eating with abandon
by Wanda Hennig, Debbi Murzyn & Jo Marwick
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Publisher: Say Yes Press

Publication Date: November 20, 2015

ISBN: 9780996820516

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Could some impossible-to-imagine link between infidelity, a blue movie, vegetables and Paris, France, have planted the seed that would lead to a solution to the author’s compulsive eating tendencies?

And what about Maslow and that “Aha” moment on a waterbed in a Mormon home in Pocatello, Idaho, where she slept, or more aptly did not sleep, during a Greyhound bus journey stopover? 

She had, by then, officially moved into the San Francisco Zen Center, which wasn’t where she was headed when she packed her bags and headed there from Durban, South Africa, via a stopover in London.

A new career is what she thought she was going to get and an adventure was what she thought she was going to have. She got a lot more than she bargained for.

In Cravings: A Zen-inspired memoir about sensual pleasures, freedom from dark places, and living and eating with abandon, long-time journalist and life coach Wanda Hennig writes not just about and for women, but about and for men, too, and also, with humor and perception, about moving from one continent to another, her three-and-a-half years as a Zen student cum monk, meditation, depression and social phobia: not to forget celibacy, orgasmic meditation, sex and sensuality. 

Bonobos, a curious LSD miscreant, good eating, an eclectic Toastmasters group, hospice training, Zen meditation, tears and laughter all come into play in this insightful gem of a memoir: writer, editor, foodie and adventurer Wanda Hennig’s first. An inveterate traveler and long-time travel writer (for some years now with a culinary travel focus), the author finds liberation strikes in unlikely places — if you’re open to it. Many of her insights shared in this memoir cum self-help were gained while traveling. So it is that we drop in on South Africa, San Francisco and Oakland, Poland, Paris (France), Pocatello (Idaho), Salt Lake City and elsewhere. This book is, however, first and foremost, a sex-positive “original, fun, real, ...