Covering Rose

by Rose Maru

Publisher: Rose Maru

Publication Date: July 05, 2017

ISBN: 9781370186549

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Collected Covers, Related Tales, and Distant Memories... with a shot of sensual fiction here and there to keep things interesting.
You've seen my books (if not, why not?)... you've seen the covers... you wonder, "Why the hell does the cover look like that?" Well, fine, probably none of that is true, but heck, think about it: would YOU pose without clothes on for the cover of a book? Take a peek under the covers at my world, where sexless thoughts clash dangerously with my desire to be a pretend model.
The 'dirty dozen' covers I've done so far, each individually analyzed and explored. Sometimes providing intense visual journies through the entire artistic process.
As a bonus, in this Blue-Ray version, you'll even find several blooper reels, much to my dismay, along with interviews with your intrepid cover model, and a director's cut or three sure to entertain (if only I could figure out if it's a romance, erotic fantasy, or comedy).
*Warning: This book is not intended for anyone not of legal age to view such material. It's also not intended for anyone with pre-existing heart conditions, social or psychological hang-ups about the human body, or my parents. If you fall into any of those categories, just don't, okay? Save us all the headaches, offended bitchters, religious zealots on high horses, and parental lectures. Thank you.
For the rest of you? I would presume you're probably going to find something in here to entertain, entice, or even educate if you're not careful.

Table of Contents:
The Process
Work Flow
Sex Sells
- Cover Photo Shoot Dates
Word with the Photographer
Cover Confession
Cover - Raindrops On Roses
- Wetness
Cover - Rose by Any Other Name
Cover - A Dozen Roses
- Boopers
Cover - Coming Up Roses
Fake Cum
Cover - Rose Art (with Randy Maru)