Chimneys, Gables and Gargoyles

A Guide to Britain's Rooftops
by Trevor Yorke
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Publisher: Countryside Books

Publication Date: March 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781846749162

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The roof lines of our towns and cities are places seldom looked at from below. Yet they contain a world of architectural delights.

This easy-to-follow guide includes hundreds of photos and drawings of rooftops and their features from around the country and offers a fascinating glimpse into this overlooked aspect of Britain's architectural history.

Just above the shop fronts, offices, banks and public buildings lie elaborate chimneys, fancy ironwork, and terracotta mouldings of mythical beasts.

Our own homes too can have roofs decorated with intricate bargeboards, elegant parapets and patterned tiles. Each one has a specific role and their style can reveal much about the history of the building.