Brainstorm! Practice for Unrestricted Imagination and Original Thought

by Olga Zbarskaya Ph.D.
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Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Publication Date: November 08, 2016

ISBN: 9781440853944

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This book explains how to unlock unlimited personal creativity and to create a culture that supports emotional health, inventiveness, and success through a comprehensive examination of creative thinking that integrates theoretical, scientific, psychological, and sociological perspectives.

• Serves as a unique resource for mental health professionals to help their patients to overcome multiple issues as well as a text for students in fields such as psychology, art, leadership and development, educational leadership, early childhood education, and structural organization

• Approaches creativity in a way that is applicable to—and important for—business leaders, who can use the principles outlined and exercises included as the foundation of creativity trainings to boost performance and productivity

• Suggests a number of principles policymakers can use to improve the education system, the health care system, and more

• Features contributions from a breadth of experts, including renowned artists, musicians, scientists, and specialists in the areas of creativity, neurology, technology, education, management, health policy, and arts and music