Angel Guidance For Dreams: Your dreams explained by the angels

Angel Guidance, #2
by Z.Z. Rae

Publisher: Cafe' House

Series: Angel Guidance

Publication Date: June 27, 2016

ISBN: 9781524248628

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Have you often wondered what your dreams mean? Do you struggle with getting a peaceful night’s rest? 

In Angel Guidance for Dreams, the angels give you their insight into the world of your subconscious. They lovingly give you their guidance and help for getting more fulfilling sleep and understanding your dreams. Step into the world of angels and receive their love. 

Excerpt: Angel Haamiah 
Dreams are one of the highlighted mysteries of the world. People are left feeling confused and often with feelings of unease. Many times, you can interpret a dream with a few simple words. Don’t let your dreams leave you in a cloud of disillusion. Let us help you. When you rest your head to go to sleep, each night, call on us, your angels, to help you uncover what needs revealed in your heart. 

Your dreams will talk to you in leaps and bounds. If you let them. Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool to help you. All the thoughts, you’ve ever had in your entire life, are stored there—like a giant memory chip. There are things, you’ve forgotten, that have been buried in a box in your subconscious mind. Often times, dreams will pull these negative thoughts to the surface. They are a warning bell telling you to deal with something that has been buried, for far too long. 

Everyone dreams. No matter if you forget it, or not, you still dream. For years, a dream may plague you, because you’ve never fully opened up your heart to discover the mystery behind the visions you are receiving. 

There are also things you call, daydreams, which are also very significant to uncover more about yourself. The daydreams can also have different affects on you, if you don’t catch them. Have you often found yourself spinning a scene in your head? It’s something that hasn’t even happened yet, but you are living the horror of it now. 
To put it simply, you are living that event.