A Tragedy in Seven Scenes
by Leonid Andreyev

Publisher: Kbook

Publication Date: August 08, 2015

ISBN: 1230000597821

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Anathema, a drama by Leonid Andreyev (1909). Anathema is the Devil, the tempter of man. In the prologue he stands outside the gates of eternity, and calls on the silent Guardian to open them for an instant that he may have a glimpse of the mysteries to illumine the way for the Devil and for man, alike groping in darkness. The Guardian bars the way, and in anger Anathema swears to return to earth and ruin the soul of David Leizer. David Leizer is not a Faust or a Job, but an insignificant Jewish shopkeeper dying of poverty in a Russian town. Anathema appears to him as a lawyer to announce that he has inherited a fortune. David divides his wealth among the poor and outcast. His attempt to help his fellow-man results in strife and bloodshed. His millions are not sufficient, and the mob stones him to death because he does not work miracles to clothe and feed them and bring back the dead to life. Anathema in an epilogue again approaches the eternal gates and challenges the Guardian to answer him. Did not David manifest in his life and death the powerlessness of love and create a great evil? The Guardian replies that David has attained immortality, but that Anathema will never know the secret of life.