AIEEYAAA! Learn Chinese the Hard Way

The English-Chinese Cartoon Dictionary
by Larry Feign

Publisher: Top Floor Books

Publication Date: December 13, 2017

ISBN: 9789627866398

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Don't be fooled by books which promise you that learning Chinese is "easy", "easier", "simple", or "instant". Learning Chinese is a pain in the pìgu!

AIEEYAAA! is the first book since China invented paper which offers Chinese language learners some well-deserved laughs amidst the suffering.

Featuring 150 topical cartoons about life, love and culture clash in China, this hilarious satirical dictionary sends up many of the ironies, delights, and cultural and linguistic mix-ups that are immediately recognizable to anyone who has spent any time at all in the Middle Kingdom.

It's simply like no other Chinese dictionary on the planet:

  • Mandarin and Cantonese translations for every word.
  • Traditional and Simplified Chinese characters.
  • Cartoon scenarios to make sure you never forget a word.
  • Extended introduction which dares to tell the truth about the trials and tribulations of learning Chinese.
  • Humorous tips about cross-cultural miscommunication.

And much more!

Over 100,000 copies sold since first release, this new 2018 edition offers something for everyone when it comes to learning Chinese, whether you're a seasoned Asia hand or traveling to China for the first time.

Don’t despair about learning Chinese. Just say AIEEYAAA!