ABUSED without Mercy

One Woman's Secret Life
by Annie A Cozen's

Publisher: Xulon

Publication Date: October 30, 2015

ISBN: 1230000749534

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Raw - Emotional and Disturbing.

Domestic Abuse is becoming an escalating pandemic in our modern society. There are many victims with the majority being women. It's time to speak out and reveal what is happening and- STOP keeping the secret. Women are being killed daily. Help yourself if this is you. Help someone you might know. 

This book is the TRUE story of one such woman. One who did keep silent. One who loved her man so much, that she kept believing he would change. She had no idea that there is a CYCLE of ABUSE and abuser's keep their victim chained to them with the promise, they will change, yet they never do.

This was the experience of one young woman who believed in her man:

* An abortion at sixteen. * Marriage to a man who cared only for himself. * Culteral diversity- Fear and shame used to controll her. * Physical Abuse - Beaten and slapped. * Mental abuse - Self confidence and worthstripped away, followed by anxiety and fear. * Spiritual abuse - No spiritual freedom. Persecuted and ridiculed for her belief's. * Witnesses the abuse of her children. * Aware of her husband's unfaithfulness. 

In this story you will read how one young girl gets caught up in a web of abuse by her husband. She is scared to talk to authorities for fear of punishment.