A Hole in the Fence of Heaven

Finding the Source of Supernatural Optimism
by Blaine Dehmlow

Publisher: Blaine Dehmlow

Publication Date: December 01, 2015

ISBN: 9781783018352

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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A Hole in the Fence of Heaven -
Inspirational Dreams and Wide Awake Thoughts about the Next Life, and Why it Matters Now !
In the 44th year of a man's life, he can expect to enter the largest storm of self doubt he has ever encountered. Women enter it 5 -10 years later. It comes from two simple but shocking revelations - the world is not the place you think it as, and you are not the person you once were. Updating ones beliefs becomes imperative if you are going to find any lasting happiness while on earth.
Knowing something about Heaven helps even more.
Over 80% of the people in the world believe in Heaven and think they are going there. But few have ever thought to flesh out what it will be like, and why that would matter now. Heaven is thought to be the likely destination of good, devout, or religious people. It actually includes those people and whole lot more who don't fit that description.
What if we could sneak in and out of heaven right now, and live up to those beautiful standards while here on earth? Could things really change? Blaine believes that things would change for the better with his whole heart.
Finding the hole in the fence of Heaven releases an instant and phenomenal vision of the ideal . The result is a rush of absolute truth about what is ultimately important to you most powerful about you.