A History of the Mount Airy, N. C. Commissioners' Meetings 1885-1895

by Dean W. Brown
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Minutes of the Mount Airy City Commissioners Mayor J. H. Sparger W. F. Carter G. C. Welch Commissioner J. M. Davis Commissioner W. E. Merritt Commissioner G. C. Welch Commissioner S. W. Gentry Commissioner B. F. Sparger Commissioner J. I. Belton Mount Airy, N. C. January 4, 1895 The Following amendments were ordered to the minutes of Dec. 4. Mr. Belton was not absent but late, about an hour. The matter of widening Main Street above the bridge north of town was continued, the commissioners not being satisfied with the damages allowed Mrs. Harris by the board of assessors. Mount Airy, N. C. January 14, 1895 The Board of Town commissioners met according to the agreement of the last meeting for the regular transaction of the business of the town. The meeting was promptly called to order at nine and a-half o’clock by the chairman. All were present except Mr. Sparger who is still sick. After correction, the minutes of the last regular meeting were approved. The Street Committee had no report. The Finance Committee had no report. The Committee for the sale of the mule reported no sale as yet. The chief of Police made the following report, which was approved. Cost of fines Collected in Dec. 75.30 Real Estate Tax Collected in Dec. 30.00 Special Tax Collected in Dec. 11.45 Due in December Gregg-Police for December 45.00 Allred-Police for December 30.00 Brunner-Street Cleaning 8.30 W. T. Taylor-Mule Board 10.00 John Glenn-Worked out fine 22.65 Dove Marion-Worked out fine 7.95 Alford and Juro Bower 2.95 Ed Conrad-Work on Rockford St. 4.40 Geo. Brooks- Garbage 1.25 The following accounts were allowed: Massey Smith 1.04 Worth and Welch-Quilts 1.50 The Treasurer made the following report: Balance from last year’s report 13.67 Received of Gregg 271.19 Paid old Board Accounts and Vouchers 63.11 Paid accounts, damages, general expenses 228.78 Mr. J. L. Worth made statements before the Board in regard to gravel hauled off his place. The Town thought its former Board promised him ...