A History of Urbanization In Sapele . 1957-2007

by Emudiaga Ebbah
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Publication Date: March 22, 2018

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This small book is titled A History of Urbanization in Sapele. The history of Sapele is not like the history of head hunters or heroes making their trip to a mythical land of Canaan. It is not the history of heroes who are associated with tribal or family grouping which at one time in history have been rendered useless or defeated by common sense. People settled independently of groups but came together to form groups. However it is possible to have people migrating from a perceived or certain location. Migration meant the coming of new people and as they began to settle down created a myth of being founding families of the town. The aim of this work is to break down the walls of myth by introducing history. It also attempts to relay the history of Urbanization in Sapele.