A Genesis Journal

A Fresh Reading of Genesis 1–12
by Stanley V. Udd
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Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: January 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781490865560

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This book is based on a solid commitment to the truth of Gods revelation. We would not know how this world came into being unless God had told us. The sequence of events would remain a mystery without an accurate record of Creation. This book is a retelling of what God has said concerning our creation.

The global nature of the first eleven chapters of Genesis reminds us of our insignificance, but on the other hand, the interaction of God with man reflects His assessment of our importance. We are made in Gods image, and that is of great significance.

The physical evidence for a cataclysmic destruction somewhere in the earths history is evident in the rocks and fossils. The biblical record explains the reason, the cause, the duration, and the recovery from this great flood. The record of that year supplies answers to a host of geological questions that would otherwise remain hidden. Likewise, the anthropological insight the Babel event supplies is unparalleled in history. Gods Word gives us answers to questions we didnt even know to ask.

Finally, regarding our salvationGenesis 12 provides us with the document signed by God that is the basis for our redemption. How do we participate in so great a salvation? Read and see.