A Generation 'Bloodied but Unbowed'

We Will not Acquiesce Ignobly!
by Owen Collins
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Publication Date: June 22, 2015

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Powerful political families controlled the jobs and expression of thought in eastern Kentucky and subjects were careful not to alienate the power brokers during much of the 20thtwentieth century. Gradually some of the political families passed on, and highways and information technology opened this closed society to the outside world, restraints were loosened and the freedom to express individual viewpoints emerged.

This book is written from the viewpoint of a Senior Citizen who wrote a column for the Jackson Times-Voice on a wide range of topics beginning in 2000. Uncensored, topics range from political issues to social problems to the challenges of aging to an expressed desire to blow up answering menus. Sharply critical of many of the changes in our society, this book provides some balance and humor to placate ruffled feathers.

This book closes with some powerful eulogies of local personages who did not want to “go quietly into that night” and desired to spit in the devil's eye on the other side!