A General History of the Chinese in Singapore

by Chong Guan Kwa & Bak Lim Kua
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Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

Publication Date: June 10, 2019

ISBN: 9789813277656

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The book documents over 700 years of Singapore's history from her early years, even before Sir Stamford Raffles' arrival. More specifically, it documents the life and development of the Chinese community in Singapore, as well as the role of the Chinese community in growing the nation's economic, societal, cultural and even political scenes.

With 'Pride in our Past, Legacy for our Future' as its key objective, this book aims to preserve the Singapore Chinese story, history and heritage for future generations, as well as keep our cultures and traditions alive. Therefore, the book aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for Singaporeans, new immigrants and foreigners to have an epitome of the Singapore society.


  • Singapore before Raffles

  • Singapore Chinese Community

  • Qing Government and Singapore Chinese Community

  • China-born and Straits-born Chinese

  • Chinese Printing and Dailies in Singapore

  • Traditional Chinese Culture and Religious Beliefs

  • Chinese Education in Singapore

  • Culture and Art

  • Money by Mail to China: Chinese Remittance and Remittance Houses in Singapore

  • Chinese Business Community

  • Overseas Chinese National Salvation Movement

  • Life in Syonan-To

  • Political Awakening and Nation-Building

  • Chinese Society in the 21st Century: Consolidation and Integration

  • Appendices:

    • Chronology of Singapore Chinese History
    • Fifty Chinese Pioneers in Singapore
    • Fifty Historical Monuments and Artefacts

Readership: Researchers, students, historians and the general public interested in the history of the Chinese community in ...