Living The Secular Life: New Answers To Old Questions

by Phil Zuckerman

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

Publication Date: April 01, 2016

ISBN: 9780143127932

Binding: Paperback

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Over the last twenty-five years, 'no religion' has become the fastest-growing religious preference in the United States. Around the world, hundreds of millions of people have turned away from the traditional faiths of the past and embraced a moral yet nonreligious-or secular-life, generating societies vastly less religious than at any other time in human history. Revealing the inspiring beliefs that empower secular culture-alongside real stories of nonreligious men and women based on extensive in-depth interviews from across the country-Living the Secular Lifewill be indispensable for millions of secular Americans.

Drawing on innovative sociological research,Living the Secular Lifeilluminates this demographic shift with the moral convictions that govern secular individuals, offering crucial information for the religious and nonreligious alike.Living the Secular Lifereveals that, despite opinions to the contrary, nonreligious Americans possess a unique moral code that allows them to effectively navigate the complexities of modern life. Spiritual self-reliance, clear-eyed pragmatism, and an abiding faith in the Golden Rule to adjudicate moral decisions- these common principles are shared across secular society. Living the Secular Lifedemonstrates these principles in action and points to their usage throughout daily life.

Phil Zuckerman is a sociology professor at Pitzer College, where he studied the lives of the nonreligious for years before founding a Department of Secular Studies, the first academic program in the nation dedicated to exclusively studying secular culture and the sociological consequences of America's fastest-growing 'faith.' Zuckerman discovered that despite the entrenched negative beliefs about nonreligious people, American secular culture is grounded in deep morality and proactive citizenship-indeed, some of the very best that the country has to offer.

Living the Secular Lifejourneys through some of the most essential components of human