50 Plates of Scrumptiousness -How to Seduce Your Love via their Tummy

by Trinisse Chanel

Publisher: Trinisse Chanel

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9780981466842

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Ignite your own 50 Shades Passionate Love Affair!

Want to entice, seduce and satisfy the love
of your life?
As one of America's favorite television
hostesses often stresses: "The way to
anyone's ( fill in the blank) is through their
stomach!" Guess what? She is absolutely
With ten chapters divided into Appetizers,
Beverages, Breads, Cocktails, Desserts,
Main Courses, Salads, Side Dishes , and
Soups, The 50+ luscious recipes in this
book will tempt,satisfy, tease, and entice
your special someone into taking your
romance to the next level.
With detailed instructions, so that even a
novice cook can easily follow along, it's a
surefire way to make a big impression on
your most cherished sweetheart.
Try a few of these bewitching recipes for
the food lover in your life, then sit back
and reap the rewards. You can forget
about spending 7 minutes in heaven, get
this book and start on your way to enjoying 50
extraordinary NIGHTS in heaven!
Inside the pages of this delectable
paperback, you will discover recipes
Sinful Sausage Starters
Steamy and Stimulating Sagittarius Bread
Honeydew Me A Smoothie
Hedonistic White Chocolate Apricot
Flirtatious Banana Raspberry French Toast
Alluring Pistachio Panna Cotta

Ambrosial Nectar of the Gods
Amorous Avocado Ice Cream
Luscious Lemonade Pie

Carnal Cashew Chicken

Lusty Marsala Chicken Pizza
Tantalizing Macaroni Cheddar Delight

Cuddle the Chef Salad
Cupid’s Corn Soufflé
Seductive Potatoes,(warning RATED X)
With the Works
Plus many more delights, including
romantic tips, and suggestions to take your
seduction from the dining room to the
If you enjoyed the romance in the 50 shades trilogy, and you LOVE food, what are you waiting ...