2,000 Jews Walk into a Bar

by Paris Portingale

Publisher: MoshPit Publishing

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9780992379889

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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It was once said that evil flourishes when good men do nothing, and 2,000 Jews Walk into a Bar proves, with irony and insight, how even when good men actually do something, things can still go very badly wrong indeed.

Take Len, for example. Len has tapeworms and a short temper, and when an irritable Darlene confronts him in his liquor store, tapeworm and temper combine to throw him into a universe well beyond his control.

And with Lewis Day, his best intentions continually turn on him like an angry viper. Lewis has dreams, and in the way of so many good men’s dreams, his have a habit of turning into alarming nightmares.

Paris Portingale’s 2,000 Jews Walk into a Bar takes Len, Lewis, an assortment of the craziest lunatic asylum inmates you’ll ever meet and tumbles them together in a mixing bowl, adding a pinch of good intentions and a very large ladle of some of the worst decisions it’s possible to make, all the while having things watched over by guardian angels, clearly in a very shitty mood indeed.

Paris Portingale clearly has an abiding empathy for the common man, and how good people can get tangled in circumstances well beyond their control.