2 Step

by Gurvinderjit Singh
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

Publication Date: March 14, 2018

ISBN: 9781543745092

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2 Step is a script of a story inspired from an authentic bomb-blast incident that transpired in Emerald City. The Regional Trial Court of Emerald City called for a hearing of this case, and there were two lawyersAdvocate Ronald and Advocate Hasimwho were fighting in the court. The main issue that they were fight about in the court was whether or not Islam had any involvement or relation to the bomb that blasted in Rochester night market. In this case, Advocate Ronald strongly agreed that Islam had an involvement in the bomb, and meanwhile, Advocate Hasim opposed it. Will Chief Inspector Alex Roiman be able to break the code of 2STEP? Will Advocate Hasim be able to find proof that Islam had no involvement in the bomb blast in Emerald City and try to change the mind-set of people to judge any incident or anything individually and not according to their religion?