''You Are The Father''

by Michelle Harbin
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 29, 2015

ISBN: 9781462886418

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The book is based on a true story, most of the names were changed to protect the innocent. This dynamic intriguing novel will capture the minds of readers from Detroit to the entire east coast of America. From the past to the present, a young teenager named Chanel Harrington tries to find her worth as she struggles to make a better life for herself and her younger brother. They are both caught up in a world of drugs, death, and dealers. Chanel escapes the hardcore streets of Detroit and lands in and Washington, DC better known as "Dodge City"

Her life takes a drastic change as she learns the Jamaican way of living. Chanel falls in love with a dreadlocks Rastafarian named William Done (AKA) Goldie. Chanel flies back and fourth to Washington, DC and still continues to sleep with Goldie because she is still in love with him in spite of him living with his children´s mother Hanna Benson and her living with another man named Peter in Texas. Goldie and Chanel eventually leave both their partners Hanna and Peter to give their love a try. One man named Goldie with 13 children by 7 different women tries to settle down with one of them which is Chanel, but his former children´s mother Hanna constantly interferes with their relationship. Hanna gives Goldie and Chanel pure hell, and he gives her hope that he will come back to her by still sleeping in her bed. she gets pregnant and Goldie will not admit that he is the father. The games William plays with Chanel and Hanna catches up with him in the long run, and the battle for him gets ugly. Hell has no fury like the other woman scorned! Chanel and Goldie´s relationship becomes unhealthy on a roller coaster that takes the readers along for the ride.