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Southern Handbook: The Southern Railway 1923-1947


The Southern Railway may not have been the most glamorous of the 'Big Four' companies that emerged from the grouping of 1923, but it was the great innovator. In the 1930s the Southern pioneered the first main-line electrification and created the

ISBN: 9780750982757

Binding: Hardback


Stick And Rudder

by Wolfgang Langewiesche

ISBN: 9780070362406

Binding: Hardback


Supercar Revolution

The Fastest Cars of All Time

by John Lamm

Designers, engineers, racers, and celebrities weigh in to give you the comprehensive story of these incredible machines. ...

ISBN: 9780760363348

Binding: Hardback


The Magic of Old Tractors

by Ian Johnston

What is it about old tractors that is so fascinating and entrancing? The sounds and smells of these old relics? The hunt to find the rarest of models? Or simply the memories such machines evoke? The Magic of Old Tractors explores this intriguing

ISBN: 9781760790226

Binding: Paperback


The Truckie Who Loved Trains

The Biography of Ken Thomas - Founder of Thomas Nationwide Transport

by David Wilcox

This book is the biography of Ken Thomas, 1913 - 1997, and tells the story of his huge contribution to the development of Australian transport in the second half of the 20th century. In 1946, Ken bought a 5 ton truck and started out in the ...

ISBN: 9780646595702

Binding: Paperback


Transit Maps Of The World

by Mark Ovenden

<i>Transit Maps of the World</i> is the first and only comprehensive collection of historic and current maps of every urban train system on earth. Celebrating the diversity of way-finding across the planet, Mark Ovenden traces the ...

ISBN: 9780141981444

Binding: Paperback


Truck And Trailer Systems

by Mike Thomas

ISBN: 9780071809535

Binding: Hardback


Truck and Trailer Systems Lab Manual

by Mike Thomas

ISBN: 9780071824538

Binding: Paperback