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Photographs from the Archives of NASA

by Nirmala Nataraj

<DIV>This magnificent visual tour of our solar system explores the wonders of space. More than 200 photographs from the archives of NASA are paired with captions detailing the science behind some of the planets&rsquo; most extraordinary ...

ISBN: 9781452159362

Binding: Hardback


Pocket World in Figures 2018

by The Economist

The 2018 edition of this annual bestseller, featuring fascinating facts and figures about the world we live in. ...

ISBN: 9781781257449

Binding: Hardback


Pogue's Basics

Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying the Technology in Your Life

by David Pogue

Did you know that you can dry out your wet cell phone by putting its parts in separate bowls of uncooked rice? That you can scroll through a website using only your spacebar? That if you type your airline and flight number in to Google, it tells

ISBN: 9781250053480

Binding: Paperback


Pogue's Basics: Life

by David Pogue

Did you know that you can use the indented rings on a red plastic cup as measurements for 1, 5, and 12 ounces, the standard serving sizes for liquor, wine, and beer? That a Chinese food box is designed to unfold flat and form a plate? When you ...

ISBN: 9781250080431

Binding: Paperback


Positive Psychology for Overcoming Depression

by Miriam Ahktar

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781786781468

Binding: Paperback


Presidential Scandals

Jefferson to Obama

by Lightning Guides

"Presidential Scandals: Jefferson to Obama explores the interior lives of America's leading men. From Grant to Nixon, Reagan to Clinton, Presidential Scandals, takes its reader through over 100 years of unexplored American history, uncovering ...

ISBN: 9781942411581

Binding: Paperback


Project Management in the Library Workplace

by Alice Daugherty

ISBN: 9781787548374

Binding: Hardback


Quest for Global Peace: Rotblat and Ikeda on War, Ethics and the Nuclear Threat

by Joseph Rotblat And Ikeda Daisaku

ISBN: 9781845112790

Binding: Paperback




Regional Integration in East Asia

Theoretical and Historical Perspectives

by Satoshi Amako

Asian regional integration, which has shown remarkable progress since the end of the 1990s, is at a major crossroads. It faces confusion of and debate over the direction and effectiveness of integration as well as friction brought about by the ...

ISBN: 9789280812220

Binding: Paperback


Resolving Conflict

by Gregory Tillett

Resolving Conflict 4th edition presents the principles, process and practical skills for resolving conflict. The book emphasises the importance of preparatory work in the resolution of conflict and explores a wide range of human conflict ...

ISBN: 9780195568042

Binding: Paperback


Save the Bees with Natural Backyard Hives

by Rob McFarland

You don't need to live on a farm to raise happy, healthy honeybees. All it takes is a small backyard and the guidance of Rob and Chelsea McFarland, founders of HoneyLove - a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to protecting honeybees and ...

ISBN: 9781624141416

Binding: Paperback


Science Book, The

by Kindersley Dorling

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9781409350156

Binding: Hardback


Science: Definitive Visual Guide

by Adam Hart-Davis

"Delve into the history of science and the discoveries that changed the world with Science. This brand new edition is fully up-to-date, and covers everything from ancient Greek geometry to quantum physics, IVF, and global warming. Using lavish ...

ISBN: 9780241240472

Binding: Hardback


Science: The Definitive Visual Guide

by Hart-Davis Adam

<i>The complete illustrated science encyclopedia covering the history, key discoveries, inventions and people </i> <i>Science- The Definitive Visual Guide </i>reveals the story of scientific progress from the invention of the wheel to ...

ISBN: 9781409383147

Binding: Hardback


Seven Little Australians

by Ethel Turner

This captivating story of an Australian family at the end of the nineteenth century was first published in September 1894 and became an instant popular success. A perennial favourite with succeeding generations of Australians, <i>Seven Little ...

ISBN: 9780642276308

Binding: Hardback


Shared Services as a New Organizational Form

by Tanya Bondarouk

ISBN: 9781783505357

Binding: Hardback


Sherlock Holmes Book, The

by Dorling Kindersley

No Marketing Blurb ...

ISBN: 9780241205914

Binding: Hardback