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Antidote: Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking The

by Burkeman Oliver

<i>The Antidote- Happiness for people who can't stand positive thinking</i> is an exploration of a radically new path to happiness. In an approach that turns decades of self-help advice on its head, Oliver Burkeman explains why positive ...

ISBN: 9781922147653

Binding: Paperback


Anxiety + Depression Effective Treatment of the Big Two Co-occurring Disorders

by Margaret Wehrenberg

ISBN: 9780393708738

Binding: Hardback


Anxiety Disorders and Phobias

A Cognitive Perspective

by Aaron Beck

ISBN: 9780465005871

Binding: Paperback


Anxiety For Beginners

A Personal Investigation

by Eleanor Morgan

Anxiety for Beginners offers a vivid insight into the often crippling impact of anxiety disorders, a condition that is frequently invisible, shrouded in shame and misunderstood. It serves as a guide for those who live with anxiety disorders and ...

ISBN: 9781509859894

Binding: CD-Audio

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Anxious: The Moden Mind In The Age Of Anxiety

by Joseph LeDoux

Anxiety is natural. It is useful. By anticipating harm, we are better equipped to deal with it. But when anxiety is persistent and excessive, and chronically interferes with daily life, then an anxiety disorder exists. These are the most common ...

ISBN: 9781780747675

Binding: Paperback


APA Style Simplified

Writing in Psychology, Education, Nursing, and Sociology

by Bernard C. Beins

This is a compact but comprehensive guide to writing clearly and effectively in APA style.<br /> <br /> <ul type="disc"> <li>Demonstrates how to write objective scientific research papers using interesting prose</li> <li>Incorporates ...

ISBN: 9780470671238

Binding: Paperback


Approaches To Psychology 6E

by William Glassman

ISBN: 9780077140069

Binding: Paperback


Attachment and Interaction: From Bowlby to Current Clinical Theory and Practice 2ed

by Mario Marrone

ISBN: 9781849052092

Binding: Paperback


Attachment-based Teaching Creating a Tribal Classroom

by Louis J. Cozolino

ISBN: 9780393709049

Binding: Paperback



Attachment-focused Emdr Healing Relational Trauma

by Laurel Parnell

ISBN: 9780393707458

Binding: Hardback


Attachment-focused Family Therapy

by Daniel A. Hughes

<p><strong>Bringing ideas of attachment and intersubjectivity into the realm of family therapy.</strong></p><p>Attachment theory, while a hot topic in psychotherapy, has primarily been limited to the treatment of individuals. Daniel A. Hughes, a

ISBN: 9780393705263

Binding: Hardback


Attachment-focused Family Therapy Workbook

by Daniel A. Hughes

ISBN: 9780393706499

Binding: Paperback


Attachment-focused Parenting Effective Strategies to Care for Children

by Daniel A. Hughes

<p><strong>An expert clinician brings attachment theory into the realm of parenting skills.</strong><br /><br />Attachment security and affect regulation have long been buzzwords in therapy circles, but rarely are they effectively applied to ...

ISBN: 9780393705553

Binding: Hardback


Autism Spectrum Disorder: All That Matters

by Lorna Selfe

ISBN: 9781444192971

Binding: Paperback


Awkward: The Science Of Why We're Socially Awkward And Why That's Awesome

by Ty Tashiro

How can the same traits that make us feel uneasy in social situations also provide the seeds for extraordinary successAs humans, we all need to belong. While modern social life can make even the most charismatic of us feel gawky, for roughly one

ISBN: 9780062429162

Binding: Paperback


Basic Freud

by Michael Kahn

ISBN: 9780465037162

Binding: Paperback


Basic Witches

by Jaya Saxena

Tap your inner sorceress and channel the magical arts with this bewitching lifestyle guide. Need to exorcise a toxic friendship? Say the right symbolic curse and banish it from your life. Want to enhance your attractiveness? Pick the right power

ISBN: 9781594749773

Binding: Hardback


Becoming a Professional Life Coach Lessons From the Institute of Life Coach Training

by Diane S. Menendez

ISBN: 9780393708363

Binding: Hardback