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Common Sense

by Ian Jackson

<P>Thomas Paine’s 1776 <EM>Common Sense</EM> has secured an unshakeable place as one of history’s most explosive and revolutionary books. A slim pamphlet published at the beginning of the American Revolution, it was so widely read that it ...

ISBN: 9781912303410

Binding: Hardback


Communication and Mental Illness: Theoretical and Practical Approaches

by Jennifer France

ISBN: 9781853027321

Binding: Paperback


Communication in Investigative and Legal Contexts - Integrated Approaches From Psychology, Linguistics and Law Enforcement

by Gavin Oxburgh

<i>Communication in Forensic Contexts</i> provides in-depth coverage of the complex area of communication in forensic situations. Drawing on expertise from forensic psychology, linguistics and law enforcement worldwide, the text bridges the gap ...

ISBN: 9781118769225

Binding: Paperback


Communication Skills Children's, Sc

by Veronica Lambert

ISBN: 9780335242863

Binding: Paperback


Compassion Focused Therapy for Dummies

by Mary Welford

<b>Don't be so hard on yourself ? use compassion focused therapy as your guide</b> <p>It's often said that we're our own worst critics?and it's true. <i>Compassion Focused Therapy For Dummies</i> offers straightforward and practical advice that ...

ISBN: 9781119078623

Binding: Paperback


Complementary Therapies in Context: The Psychology of Healing

by Helen Graham

ISBN: 9781853026409

Binding: Paperback


Complete Mental Health

The Go-to Guide for Clinicians and Patients

by John Ingram Walker

ISBN: 9780393706239

Binding: Paperback


Comprehensive Evidence-based Interventions for Children and Adolescents

by Candice A. Alfano

<b>A complete guide to evidence based interventions for children and adolescents</b> <p>The past decade has witnessed the development of numerous interventions proved to be highly effective; several treatments are now considered to be "well ...

ISBN: 9781118487563

Binding: Hardback


Conducting Psychological Assessment

a Guide for Practitioners

by A. Jordan Wright

The major market need for this book comes from the fact that the bulk of the literature on psychological assessment focuses on individual tests, rather than the process of using tests as part of an overall integrative assessment process.  The ...

ISBN: 9780470536759

Binding: Paperback


Confidentiality and Mental Health

by Christopher Cordess

ISBN: 9781853028601

Binding: Paperback



by Josh Weisberg

Each of us, right now, is having a unique conscious experience. Nothing is more basic to our lives as thinking beings and nothing, it seems, is better known to us. But the ever-expanding reach of natural science suggests that everything in our ...

ISBN: 9780745653457

Binding: Paperback


Contemplative Psychotherapy Essentials Enriching Your Practice with Buddhist Psychology

by Karen Kissel Wegela

ISBN: 9780393708677

Binding: Hardback


Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology - Global Perspectives on Research and Practice Volume 3

by Stavroula Leka

<p>The third volume in an acclaimed biennial series showcasing the latest global thinking, research, and practice in the rapidly-evolving field of occupational health psychology.</p> <ul> <li>Published in partnership with the European Academy ...

ISBN: 9781118713907

Binding: Hardback


Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology - Global Perspectives on Research and Practice, Volume 1

by Jonathan Houdmont

Published in association with the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology (EAOHP) and the Society for Occupational Health Psychology (SOHP), <i>Contemporary Issues in Occupational Health Psychology</i> is a definitive new series ...

ISBN: 9780470682654

Binding: Hardback


Controversial Issues In Prisons, Sc

by David Scott

ISBN: 9780335223039

Binding: Paperback


Coping with Memory Problems

by Sallie Baxendale

For every person who develops Alzheimer’s, there are thought to be at least another eight whose memory problems are severe enough to affect the quality of their lives. This book addresses all forms of memory loss, organic and non-organic; it ...

ISBN: 9781847092748

Binding: Paperback


Coping with Trauma-related Dissociation

Skills Training for Patients and Therapists

by Suzette Boon

ISBN: 9780393706468

Binding: Hardback


Core Principles of Meditation for Therapy

Improving the Outcomes of Psychotherapeutic Treatments

by Annellen M. Simpkins

<p><i><b>Core Principles of Meditation for Therapy: Improving the Outcome of Psychotherapeutic Treatment</b> </i>provides the multi-modal strategies and tools therapists need to guide their clients' adaptations of meditation into their lives. ...

ISBN: 9781118689592

Binding: Paperback



by Sigmund Freud

This book is the first publication of the complete correspondence of Sigmund Freud with his daughter Anna. The correspondence ranges over personal and family matters - social events, family holidays, births and deaths, health issues, war ...

ISBN: 9780745641492

Binding: Hardback


Counseling and Psychotherapy Theories in Context and Practice

Skills, Strategies, and Techniques, Second Edition with Video Resource Center

by John Sommers-Flanagan

ISBN: 9781119084204

Binding: Hardback