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Courage Calls to Courage Everywhere

by Jeanette Winterson

One hundred years after women were first granted the vote, award-winning author Jeanette Winterson celebrates how far we have come on the road to equality, and calls on women and men alike to continue the fight. ...

ISBN: 9781786896216

Binding: Hardback


Cracking Philosophy

by Martin Cohen

ISBN: 9781844038060

Binding: Hardback


Creating Freedom

Power, Control and the Fight for Our Future

by Raoul Martinez

Writer, artist and award-winning film-maker Raoul Martinez's radical, revolutionary and highly provocative rethink of freedom. ...

ISBN: 9781782111887

Binding: Paperback


Creaturely Love

How Desire Makes Us More and Less Than Human

by Dominic Pettman

<p>In an eminently approachable work of wide cultural reach and meticulous scholarship, Dominic Pettman undertakes an unprecedented examination of how animals shape the understanding and expression of love between people. He argues that in ...

ISBN: 9781517901219

Binding: Paperback


Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again

by Donald J. Trump

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781501137969

Binding: Hardback


Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics

by Ben Curtis

<i>What is the nature of time?</i> <i>Do the past and future exist? If so, are they just as real as the present? </i>Drawing connections between timeless historical and present-day questions,<i> A Critical Introduction to the Metaphysics of ...

ISBN: 9781472566867

Binding: Paperback


Critical Thinking

by Sharon M. Kaye

Critical thinking shows people how to analyse arguments, speeches, and newspaper articles to see which faults the authors are making in their reasoning. It looks at the structure of language to demonstrate rules by which you can identify good ...

ISBN: 9781743104736

Binding: CD-Extra

Audio Book

Critical Thinking 12E (Bound)

by Moore

ISBN: 9781260147773

Binding: Paperback


Critical Thinking for Students 4th Edition

Learn the Skills for Analysing, Evaluating and Producing Arguments

by Roy Van Den Brink-Budgen

ISBN: 9781845283865

Binding: Paperback


Critical Thinking: A Students Introduction

by Gregory Bassham

ISBN: 9780078038310

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Judgment

by Immanuel Kant

ISBN: 9780872200258

Binding: Paperback


Critique Of Pure Reason

by Immanuel Kant

In the <i>Critique of Pure Reason</i>, Immanuel Kant laid out a framework upon which the whole of modern philosophy is based. This Penguin Classics edition is translated from the German and edited with an introduction by Marcus Weigelt, based on

ISBN: 9780140447477

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Pure Reason


In his monumental Critique of Pure Reason, German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724 1804) argues that human knowledge is limited by the capacity for perception. He attempts a logical designation of two varieties of knowledge: a posteriori, ...

ISBN: 9780486821511

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Pure Reason

Unified Edition (with all variants from the 1781 and 1787 editions)

by Immanuel Kant

ISBN: 9780872202573

Binding: Paperback


Critique of Pure Reason, Abridged

by Immanuel Kant

This thoughtful abridgment makes an ideal introduction to Kant's Critique of Pure Reason . Key selections include: the Preface in B, the Introduction, the Transcendental Aesthetic, the Second Analogy, the Refutation of Idealism, the first three ...

ISBN: 9780872204485

Binding: Paperback


Curiosity of Doubts: Penguin Special A

by T. L. Uglow

"While society generally espouses the value of logic and certainty, we grow because we doubt. Humans have not spent millennia traversing oceans and experimenting with explosives because of confidence in their beliefs. Culture and science are ...

ISBN: 9780143782520

Binding: Paperback


Cycling - Philosophy for Everyone

A Philosophical Tour de Force

by John Wiley & Sons (UK)

Covering interesting and varied philosophical terrain, <i>Cycling - Philosophy for Everyone</i> explores in a fun but critical way the rich philosophical, cultural, and existential experiences that arise when two wheels are propelled by human ...

ISBN: 9781444330274

Binding: Paperback


Cynic Philosophers, The

by Diogenes Of;Julian Sinope

<b><i>'Poverty does not consist in the want of money,' I answered, 'nor is begging to be deplored. Poverty consists in the desire to have everything, and through violent means if necessary'</i></b>From their founding in the fifth century BC and ...

ISBN: 9780141192222

Binding: Paperback


Dangerous Illusions

How Religion Deprives us of Happiness

by Vitaly Malkin

<p>Based on 10 years of dedicated research, <i>Dangerous Illusions</i> is a battle cry for the human race to throw off religion in favour of logic and reason.&nbsp;<br></p><p>In this committed and passionate book, author Vitaly Malkin – a ...

ISBN: 9781911350286

Binding: Hardback


Dante's Broken Hammer

by Graham Harman

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781910924303

Binding: Paperback