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15 Million Degrees

by Lucie Green

<b>110 times wider than Earth; 15 million degrees at its core; an atmosphere so huge that Earth is actually <i>within</i> it- come and meet the star of our solar system</b><BR>Light takes eight minutes to reach Earth from the surface of the Sun.

ISBN: 9780241963555

Binding: Paperback


50 Astronomy Ideas You Really Need to Know

by Giles Sparrow

ISBN: 9781784296100

Binding: Hardback


50 Natural Wonders To Blow Your Mind

by Lonely Planet

ISBN: 9781786574060

Binding: Paperback


A Guide to Plants of Inland Au

by Phillip Moore

A handy reference for amateur and professional botanistsThe ideal companion for inland travellers who are curious about the many and varied plants they encounter. A handy reference for amateur and professional botanists, this book features over ...

ISBN: 9781876334864

Binding: Paperback


A Guide to Spiders of Australi

by Zborowski Paul

Few animals rival spiders in their diversity of forms and colour, ecological abundance and importance, and complexity of behaviours. Spiders have inspired awe amongst arachnologists and naturalists and at the same time are feared by many. The ...

ISBN: 9781921517242

Binding: Paperback


A Handful of Happiness

Ninna, the tiny hedgehog with a big heart

by Massimo Vacchetta

ISBN: 9781786489104

Binding: Hardback


A River Runs Again

India's Natural World in Crisis, from the Barren Cliffs of Rajasthan to the Farmlands of Karnataka

by Meera Subramanian

ISBN: 9781610395304

Binding: Hardback


Adventures of a Young Naturalist


by David Attenborough

ISBN: 9781473664968

Binding: Paperback


Amphibians of Britain and Europe

by Christophe Dufresnes

<b>This photographic field guide is a practical, compact and yet exhaustive reference covering all European amphibian species, </b><b>from familiar frogs and toads, to exotic salamanders and caecilians.</b><br><b><br></b><i>Amphibians of Britain

ISBN: 9781472941374

Binding: Paperback


An Extraordinary Land: Discoveries and Mysteries From Wild New Zealand

by Rod Morris

Discoveries and mysteries from wild New Zealand. New Zealand is an extraordinary land. It has been called 'the closest thing to life on another planet' and 'a planetary lifeboat'. the main reason behind this land's uniqueness is that the ...

ISBN: 9781869509637

Binding: Hardback



A Visual Guide to the Animal Kingdom

by Dr Keith Laidler

ISBN: 9781786489678

Binding: Hardback


Animals Of A Bygone Era

by Maja S?fstr?m

In this beautifully illustrated book, Swedish artist and author of <i>The Illustrated </i><i>Compendium of Amazing Animal Facts</i>, Maja S fstr m, explores the world of extinct animals. <i>Animals of a Bygone Era </i>features 54 extinct animals

ISBN: 9780399578526

Binding: Hardback


Another Good Dog

One Family and Fifty Foster Dogs

by Cara Sue Achterberg

ISBN: 9781681777931

Binding: Hardback


Anthology of Intriguing Animals, An

by DK

A beautiful gift, this is a children's animal encyclopedia with a twist. Alongside interesting facts are the stories and myths behind children's favourite animals as well as incredible pictures and stunning illustrations. Containing more than ...

ISBN: 9780241334393

Binding: Hardback


Around the World in 80 Trees

by illustrat Jonathan Drori

ISBN: 9781786271617

Binding: Hardback


Art Forms in Nature


Ernst Heinrich Haeckel (1834-1919) was renowned as one of the foremost early exponents of Darwinism. His work was credited with having caused the acceptance of Darwinism in Europe, and his popular studies - preaching the continuity of all ...

ISBN: 9780486229874

Binding: Paperback


Astronomy Book, The

by DK

Explore the world of astronomy with key quotes and bold graphics to illustrate over 100 of the universe's biggest ideas.<BR><BR><i>The Astronomy Book </i>is an exciting voyage of discovery through the cosmos. Venture from ancient speculations ...

ISBN: 9780241225936

Binding: Hardback


Astronomy in Minutes

200 Key Concepts Explained in an Instant

by Giles Sparrow

ISBN: 9781848667235

Binding: Paperback


Astronomy Lab for Kids

52 Family-Friendly Activities

by Michelle Nichols

<i>Astronomy Lab for Kids</i> teaches children the wonders of the galaxy through hands on activities that can be done right in your own home. ...

ISBN: 9781631591341

Binding: Paperback


Australia's Remarkable Trees New Edition

by Richard Allen and Kimbal Baker

Elephantine Boabs dot the Kimberley region of Western Australia; cattle rub against giant Bottle Trees and Ironbarks in Queensland, and Strangler Figs with 40-metre girths thrive in our northern rainforests. Snow Gums and Shining Gums eke out ...

ISBN: 9780522866599

Binding: Paperback