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Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived By the Patient

by Norman Cousins

Norman Cousins's enormously influential best-selling book illustrates the concept at the heart of the holistic health principle: that the human mind is capable of promoting the body's potential for healing itself even when faced with a seemingly

ISBN: 9780393326840

Binding: Paperback


Anatomy Student's Colour-In Handbooks: Volume Two

The Muscular System; The Digestive System

by Ken Ashwell

The ideal study aid for all those learning about human anatomy. ...

ISBN: 9780857625137

Binding: Paperback


Anecdotes of Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Lifang Qu

ISBN: 9781945552021

Binding: Paperback


Anesthesiology Self-Assessment: BASIC Examination

by Gadsden

ISBN: 9780071829199

Binding: Paperback


Anesthesiology, 3/E

by Longnecker

ISBN: 9780071848817

Binding: Hardback


Anna Halprin: Dance, Processes, Forms

by Gabriele Wittmann

ISBN: 9781849054720

Binding: Paperback


Anthropology: Appreciating Human Diversity (Bound)

by Kottak

ISBN: 9781260147834

Binding: Paperback


Anti-inflammation Diet for Dummies

by Artemis Morris

<b>Trusted information and healthy, delicious recipes to fight inflammation</b> <p> Low-grade inflammation is a condition inside the body, directly related to diet, that slowly wears on the body, facilitating chronic diseases like arthritis, ...

ISBN: 9781118023815

Binding: Paperback


Antidote Suffering

by Dempsey

ISBN: 9781260116557

Binding: Hardback


Application Of Precision Med

by Mccarthy

ISBN: 9781259644139

Binding: Paperback


Applied Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 7/E

by Shargel

ISBN: 9780071830935

Binding: Hardback


Approaches to Case Study:: Handbook for Those Entering the Therapeutic Field.

by Robin Higgins

ISBN: 9781853021824

Binding: Paperback


Approaches to Research: A Handbook for Those Writing a Dissertation

by Robin Higgins

ISBN: 9781853023071

Binding: Paperback


Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

by Nigel Ching

ISBN: 9781848193147

Binding: Hardback


Art as Therapy: Collected Papers

by Edith Kramer

ISBN: 9781853029028

Binding: Paperback


Art Based Research

by Shaun Mcniff

ISBN: 9781853026218

Binding: Paperback


Art in Action: Expressive Arts Therapy and Social Change

by Ellen G Levine

ISBN: 9781849058209

Binding: Paperback



Art Therapy and Creative Coping Techniques for Older Adults

by Susan I Buchalter

ISBN: 9781849058308

Binding: Paperback