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Acid Reflux Diet & Cookbook for Dummies

by Patricia Raymond

<b>Get rid of GERD for good</b> <p>Is your heartburn making you dread meal times? No matter how delicious a feast is before you, the prospect of that burning pain, nausea, and even vomiting can be enough to make you turn away. Heartburn is a ...

ISBN: 9781118839195

Binding: Paperback


Acne - Causes and Practical Management

by F. William Danby

<p><b>Learn to accurately diagnose, prevent and treat all three acnes using both traditional and novel approaches to understanding the causes and selecting the most effective treatments.</b> </p> <p>Acne vulgaris is an extremely common ...

ISBN: 9781118232774

Binding: Hardback


ACSM's Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities 4ed

by American College of Sports Medicine

ISBN: 9781450434140

Binding: Hardback


Active Living, Cognitive Functioning, and Aging

by Leonard Poon

ISBN: 9780736057851

Binding: Hardback


Acupressure & Reflexology for Dummies

by Synthia Andrews

<b>Features healing routines and illustrations to guide you</b> <p><b>Ease your aches and find relief through the power of touch</b></p> <p>Searching for alternative treatments for pain? This friendly, do-it-yourself guide introduces you to the

ISBN: 9780470139424

Binding: Paperback


Acupuncturist's Guide to Conventional Medicine 2ed

by Clare Stephenson

ISBN: 9781848193024

Binding: Hardback


Adams And Victors Principles Of Neurology 10/E

by Allan Ropper

ISBN: 9780071794794

Binding: Hardback


Adrenal Fatigue for Dummies

by Richard Snyder

<b>The easy way to take charge of your adrenal health</b> <p>Despite their small size, the adrenal glands play an important role in the body, producing numerous hormones that impact our development and growth, affect our ability to deal with ...

ISBN: 9781118615805

Binding: Paperback


Advanced Dental Nursing 2E

by Robert Ireland

<i>Advanced Dental Nursing</i> is a must have companion for every dental nurse for the post-certification courses in oral health education, special care, sedation and orthodontics. It also now contains a brand new section introducing material ...

ISBN: 9781405192675

Binding: Paperback


Advanced Paediatric Life Support - a Practical Approach to Emergencies 6E with Wiley E-text

by Advanced Life Support Group

<p><i>Advanced Paediatric Life Support</i> is the internationally renowned manual on emergency paediatric care, written to support the course run by the Advanced Life Support Group. Using their structured approach, a tried and tested practical ...

ISBN: 9781118947647

Binding: Paperback


Advanced Paediatric Life Support - the Practical Approach - Australian and New Zealand 6E with Wiley E-text


<p><i>Advanced Paediatric Life Support</i> is the internationally renowned manual on emergency paediatric care, written to support the course run by the Advanced Life Support Group.  This edition has been adapted specifically for use in ...

ISBN: 9781119385462

Binding: Paperback


After Cancer: Penguin Special

by Dr Ranjana Srivastava

As medical care improves, Australians are surviving cancer in increasing numbers. But there is little information about life post-treatment - what are some common themes and long-term side effects that people can expect to encounter? ...

ISBN: 9780143573593

Binding: Paperback


Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

by James Neuberger

<p>For people with alcohol excess and liver disease, successful management must be two-fold with management of both their psychological/physical addiction to alcohol and their liver disease.  Alcohol Abuse and liver disease, with its joint focus

ISBN: 9781118887288

Binding: Hardback


Alcohol and Drug Misuse - a Cochrane Handbook

by Iosief Abraha

ISBN: 9780470659694

Binding: Paperback


Alzheimer's & Dementia for Dummies

by Consumer Dummies

<b>Your sensitive, authoritative guide to Alzheimer's and dementia</b> <p>If a loved one has recently been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's disease, it's only natural to feel fraught with fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. ...

ISBN: 9781119187738

Binding: Paperback


Am I Depressed And What Can I Do About It?

A CBT self-help guide for teenagers experiencing low mood and depression

by Shirley Reynolds

An age-appropriate self-help guide based on current research that fills a significant gap in the market. ...

ISBN: 9781472114532

Binding: Paperback


An Illustrated History of Medicine

A Medical Exploration in Fifty Objects

by Gill Paul

<i>The Illustrated History of Medicine</i> takes readers on a 12,000-year journey by exploring fty objects that open windows onto different aspects of medical history. ...

ISBN: 9780857625113

Binding: Paperback


An Introduction to Pharmacovigilance 2E

by Patrick Waller

<p>Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other drug-related problems.</p> <br />This introductory guide is designed to aid the rapid ...

ISBN: 9781119289746

Binding: Paperback


Analytics and Decision Support in Health Care Operations Management, Third Edition

by Yasar A. Ozcan

ISBN: 9781119219811

Binding: Paperback


Anatomedia Back CD

by Norman Eizenberg

ISBN: 9780070134782

Binding: CD-ROM