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Write Your Own Proofs: In Set Theory and Discrete Mathematics


This introductory treatment of theory, proof techniques, and related concepts is designed for undergraduate courses. Topics include propositional logic, quantifiers, sets, functions, relations, mathematical induction, and combinatorics. The ...

ISBN: 9780486832814

Binding: Paperback


X and Why

The naked truth behind gender in the modern world

by Tom Whipple

In a modern world of gender neutrality, equality and fluidity, Tom Whipple, science editor of the <i>Times</i>, explores the most surprising questions about the differences between the sexes - unpacking the central psychology of our ...

ISBN: 9781780723488

Binding: Paperback


Your Daily Maths

366 Number Puzzles and Problems to Keep You Sharp

by Laura Laing

<p><i>Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics; I can assure you that mine are still greater.&nbsp;</i>—Albert Einstein<br></p><p>&nbsp;Everyone has heard students’ most common complaint in maths class: “Why do I need to learn this? ...

ISBN: 9781435165397

Binding: Paperback