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101 Places to Have Sex Before You Die

by Marsha Normandy

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781416585268

Binding: Paperback


101 Things to Do With a Retired Man

... to Get Him Out From Under Your Feet!

by Gabrielle Mander

ISBN: 9781846014017

Binding: Hardback


101 Ways to Kill a Zombie

by Robb Pearlman

<DIV>It doesn't take a lot of brains to recognise society is feasting on zombie culture. This book showcases inventive methods to off everyone's favourite lovable, decaying undead.</DIV> ...

ISBN: 9780789324832

Binding: Hardback


147 Things

My user's guide to the universe, from black holes to belly buttons

by Jim Chapman

<i><b>"An online sensation" Guardian</b></i> <b>From YouTube superstar, TV presenter, model and fact-obsessive over-sharer Jim Chapman comes a hilarious user's guide to the universe. </b> In <i>147 Things</i>, Jim takes us on a whistle-stop ...

ISBN: 9781509854165

Binding: Paperback


2012 Political Circus Super Sticker Book


American politics is a circus - but now you can be the ringleader! Help Obama, Gingrich, the Clintons, Romney, and others scramble for votes, influence, and popularity with this side-splitting super sticker book. Humorous caricatures of all the ...

ISBN: 9780486490427

Binding: Paperback


2018 Donald Trump Out of Office Countdown Box Calendar

Is It 2021 Yet!?

by Anthony Suzan

One year down, three years left to go with The Donald in the Oval Office. But hang in there--it'll be over before you know it!</p>Still can't get over Trump as president? Use this box calendar to release some steam and tear off each page and ...

ISBN: 9781492657781

Binding: Calendar


404 Not Found

An Coloring Book by The Oatmeal

by Matthew Inman

<DIV><P>In cozy Robot City, robots #403 and #405 are tucked in and accounted for, but #404 is missing. Is he&#160;searching for the city of Atlantis...or was he attacked by the shrimp known as mantis? Did he leave this&#160;worldly place...and ...

ISBN: 9781449480479

Binding: Paperback


492 Great Things About Being Italian

by Boze Hadleigh

<p><i>492 Great Things About Being Italian&nbsp;</i>is fun, informative and catnip for 17 million Italian-Americans. It follows in the footsteps of other successful books aimed at this minority proud of its remarkable—and ongoing!—heritage. It ...

ISBN: 9781634505345

Binding: Paperback


50 People Who Buggered Up Britain

by Quentin Letts

ISBN: 9781849011273

Binding: Paperback


501 Excuses for a Bad Golf Shot

by Justin Exner

<p>There's no excuse for a bad golf shot, but it's handy to have one ready just in case, or 501 for that matter.&nbsp;</p> <p>Here are just a few:&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 1.45em;">It’s this new putter;&nbsp;</span><span ...

ISBN: 9781492641223

Binding: Hardback


67 People I'd Like to Slap

by Ian Collins

<p><i>67 People I’d Like to Slap </i>is one man’s journey through the labyrinthine world of human angst and annoyance. Comedy writer, journalist and broadcaster Ian Collins lists, explains, exposes and mocks that dumb-assed contingent of ...

ISBN: 9781785901355

Binding: Paperback


7.56 Report The

by Clarke John

More wonderful interviews with Australia's leading citizens, drawn from John Clarke and Bryan Dawe's weekly broadcasts on ABC TV's <i>7.30 Report</i>. The inimitable John Clarke is back with another hilarious collection of the highs and lows in ...

ISBN: 9781921145698

Binding: Paperback


75 Years of DC Comics The Art of modern Mythmaking

The Art of Modern Mythmaking

by Paul Levitz

In 1935, DC Comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson published New Fun No. 1? the first comic book with all new, original material? at a time when comic books were mere repositories for the castoffs of the newspaper strips. What was ...

ISBN: 9783836554565

Binding: Hardback


88 Reasons Why Australia is the Craziest

by Simon Crerar

A hilarious book-length listicle of Australian bizarro by the editor of BuzzFeedOz. WARNING: Contains explicit language. Deadly spiders that survive for days under water ... Centipedes so big they poison snakes ... Prehistoric monsters ...

ISBN: 9780733335693

Binding: Paperback


99 Stormtroopers Join the Empire

by Greg Stones

<DIV>Ninety-nine Stormtroopers join the Empire, and then their troubles begin.<BR /><BR /> One takes a lunch break in the carbon freezing chamber. One forgets it&rsquo;s Lord Vader&rsquo;s birthday. Two are distracted by Princess Leia&rsquo;s ...

ISBN: 9781452159249

Binding: Hardback


A Charlie Brown Christmas Snow Globe

by Charles Schulz

ISBN: 9780762446155

Binding: Novelty book


A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Kit

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762437696

Binding: Novelty book


A Christmas Story: Triple Dog Dare Kit

by Press Running

ISBN: 9780762450831

Binding: Novelty book


A Dog Day

by Cecil Aldin

<div>Originally published in 1902, this book is the diary of a day in the life of a less-than-well-behaved dog who, nonetheless, charms an entire household. This roguish hero tells the story of a rather eventful day in his life in his own voice ...

ISBN: 9780285643505

Binding: Hardback


A Duck is Watching Me

Strange and Unusual Phobias

by Bernie Hobbs

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">We are all fascinated by phobias and the weird and wonderful things that people are afraid of. Some phobias are those many of us can identify with — fear of needles, spiders, or snakes for example — but ...

ISBN: 9780642278647

Binding: Paperback