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Fifty Years of Bowtie Muscle

by Mike Mueller

<i>Camaro: Fifty Years of Chevy Performance</i> chronicles the first fifty years of Chevrolet's iconic Camaro. The book is filled with fascinating photography, history, and commentary about this legendary pony car. ...

ISBN: 9780760350348

Binding: Hardback


Camping and Tramping with Roosevelt


In 1903, a renowned naturalist joined the President of the United States for a two-week camping trip to Yosemite. John Burroughs offers delightful reminiscences of Theodore Roosevelt and their shared joy in the wildlife and geologic wonders of ...

ISBN: 9780486812540

Binding: Paperback


Can Democracy Work?

by James Miller

Democracy is invoked to support the vast majority of the world's governments. We have been talking about it for thousands of years, and attempting to put it into practice for hundreds, believing in it as the logical culmination of human affairs.

ISBN: 9781786074027

Binding: Hardback


Can Onions Cure Ear-ache?: Medical Advice from 1769

by William Buchan

ISBN: 9781851243822

Binding: Hardback


Cape York Peninsula

by Lennie Wallace

Cape York Peninsula is arguably the most exotic wilderness region in Australia. Its history is as colourful as its geography and as steamy as its climate. ...

ISBN: 9781921920677

Binding: Paperback


Capital & Country

The Federation Years 1900-1913

by Miriam Kelly

<p><i>Capital and country: the Federation years 1900–1913 </i>celebrates the art of the newly-federated Australia alongside the work of Australians working in Europe during these formative years of the new century.&nbsp;</p> <p>The forty-six ...

ISBN: 9780642334398

Binding: Paperback


Capital of the Mind

How Edinburgh Changed the World

by James Buchan

In the early eighteenth century, Edinburgh was a fi lthy backwater town synonymous with poverty and disease. Yet by the century’s end, it had become the marvel of modern Europe, home to some of the fi nest minds of the day and the scene of ...

ISBN: 9781841586397

Binding: Paperback


Captain Lightfoot


A desperado in the shadow of the gallows recounts his life of crime in this rollicking seventeenth-century memoir. Michael Martin, better known as Captain Lightfoot, confessed his history of highway robbery to a Boston reporter shortly before ...

ISBN: 9780486806129

Binding: Paperback


Captivity of the Oatman Girls Among the Apache and Mohave Indians


In 1851, nine members of the Oatman family - on their way by covered wagon to California - were savagely attacked by Apache Indians near Fort Yuma, Arizona. Two girls in the family, Olive Ann, 14, and Mary Ann, 8, were taken captive by their ...

ISBN: 9780486280783

Binding: Paperback


Capture of Atlanta and the March to the Sea


A legend in his own lifetime, William Tecumseh Sherman conducted one of modern history's most brilliant military campaigns. His scorched earth tactics - crushing the enemy's strategic, economic, and psychological resources - broke the backbone ...

ISBN: 9780486454771

Binding: Paperback


Captured by the Indians


Astounding eyewitness accounts of Indian captivity by people who lived to tell the tale. Fifteen true adventures recount suffering and torture, bloody massacres, relentless pursuits, miraculous escapes, and adoption into Indian tribes. ...

ISBN: 9780486249018

Binding: Paperback


Captured Lives

Australia's Wartime Internment Camps

by Peter Monteath

<p> <p><i>Captured Lives</i> peers behind the barbed wire veil that was drawn around people—both civilian internees and prisoners of war—deemed threats to Australia’s security during the two world wars.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br></p> <p>Civilians from ...

ISBN: 9780642279248

Binding: Paperback


Caring and Compassionate: The Mater Children's Hospital 1931 to 2014

by Helen Gregory

The Mater Children's Hospital - the realisation of a dream for the Sisters of Mercy - opened on 6 July 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression. Triumphs and challenges followed each other through eight decades. In 2014, the Mater ...

ISBN: 9780702253898

Binding: Paperback



The extraordinary story of the ship that rescued the survivors of the Titanic

by Jay Ludowyke

ISBN: 9780733640674

Binding: Paperback


Castle of the Eagles

Escape from Mussolini's Colditz

by Mark Felton

<i>The Monuments Men</i> meets <i>The Great Escape</i> in this cinematic, rip-roaring WWII breakout history thriller featuring larger-than-life characters. ...

ISBN: 9781785782190

Binding: Paperback


Castles and Warfare in the Middle Ages


This profusely illustrated and thoroughly researched book describes in detail the diverse methods used to attack and defend castles during the Middle Ages. In a groundbreaking study - the first to shed light on the purpose, construction ...

ISBN: 9780486440200

Binding: Paperback


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge: A Royal Souvenir


A new edition of Pitkin's guide to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, with fresh details about the royal family and up-to-date photographs. Five years after her marriage to Prince William, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge continues to inspire and ...

ISBN: 9781841657592

Binding: Paperback


Cattle Camp

by Herb Wharton

Murrie author Herb Wharton has had a lifetime's outback experience droving, horse breaking, rodeo riding and more. In <i>Cattle Camp</i> he draws on his considerable yarn-spinning skills to capture, in writing, stories told by his friends of ...

ISBN: 9780702226380

Binding: Paperback


Celebration of Bells


The books of Eric Sloane celebrate the time-honored traditions of early America-from the crafting of furniture to the building of barns to the folk wisdom that sustains us-and they're reminders of the heartfelt ties that will forever bind us to ...

ISBN: 9780486468266

Binding: Paperback


Celtic and Old Norse Designs


Artists, illustrators, designers, and craftspeople in search of exceptionally bold and inventive motifs will find them in this versatile treasury brimming with 125 royalty-free designs. Taken from authentic Celtic and Old Norse sources, they ...

ISBN: 9780486412290

Binding: Paperback