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Passion for Speed: The Daring Life of Mildred, The Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce


ISBN: 9780750983662

Binding: Paperback


Peace Came in the Form of a Woman: Indians and Spaniards in the Texas Borderlands

by Juliana Barr

ISBN: 9780807857908

Binding: Paperback



by Stephanie Anderson

French cabin boy Narcisse Pelletier was fourteen years old when the Saint-Paul was shipwrecked near Rossel Island off New Guinea in 1858. Leaving behind more than 300 Chinese labourers recruited for the Australian goldfields - believed to have ...

ISBN: 9781877096679

Binding: Paperback


Penguin Historical Atlas Of Ancient Greece, The

by Robert Morkot

ISBN: 9780140513356

Binding: Paperback


People's University: 100 Years Of The University Of Queensland, The

by Ben Robertson

<b>Celebrating 100 years of 'the people's university', the University of Queensland</b> To commemorate a century since its establishment in 1910, the University of Queensland and UQP have collaborated on a stylish illustrated book that will be

ISBN: 9780702238536

Binding: Paperback


Persian Fire

The First World Empire, Battle for the West

by Tom Holland

ISBN: 9780349117171

Binding: Paperback


Photographic History of P&O Cruises


One of the world's most loved cruise lines, P&O Cruises can trace its history back over 175 years. Through an impressive and unique collection of imagery, this book details the history of P&O Cruises and explores the impact P&O had in shaping ...

ISBN: 9780752489018

Binding: Paperback


Pig City

by Andrew Stafford

From cult heroes the Saints and the Go-Betweens to national icons Powderfinger and international stars Savage Garden, Brisbane has produced more than its share of great bands. But behind the music lay a ghost city of malice and corruption. ...

ISBN: 9780702235610

Binding: Paperback


Pogrom Kishinev and the Tilt of History

by Steven J. Zipperstein

Separating historical fact from fantasy, an acclaimed historian retells the story of Kishinev, a riot that transformed the course of twentieth-century Jewish history. So shattering were the aftereffects of Kishinev, the rampage that broke out in

ISBN: 9781631495991

Binding: Paperback



by Alex Butterworth

ISBN: 9780753820766

Binding: Paperback


Poquosin: A Study of Rural Landscape and Society

by Jack Temple Kirby

ISBN: 9780807845271

Binding: Paperback



The Classic Air-Cooled Era

by Dennis Adler

<i>Porsche: The Classic Era</i> showcases the history of Porsche's iconic air-cooled sports cars and features rare historic images. ...

ISBN: 9780760351901

Binding: Hardback


Portsmouth Dockyard Story: From 1212 to the Present Day


The most comprehensive history of Portsmouth Dockyard ever published. The importance of Portsmouth in the annals of British naval history cannot be overstated. Here Paul Brown seeks to fill the gaps left by other histories and tell the full ...

ISBN: 9780750986021

Binding: Paperback


Post-War Lies: Germany And Hitler's Long Shadow

by Malte Herwig

A German Bestseller <i>Post-War Lies</i> is a superb portrait of a torn generation- the Nazi party's youngest members, those born between 1919 and 1927, who were raised on an ideological diet of racism and militarism. A number of them - ...

ISBN: 9781925106145

Binding: Paperback



The Making Of The Human Mind

by Colin Renfrew

ISBN: 9780753824276

Binding: Paperback


Primo Levi's Resistance

Rebels and Collaborators in Occupied Italy

by Sergio Luzzatto

No other Auschwitz survivor has been as literarily powerful and historically influential as Primo Levi. Yet Levi was not only a victim or a witness. In the fall of 1943, at the very start of the Italian Resistance, he was a fighter, ...

ISBN: 9781250097194

Binding: Paperback


Promises, Promises: Eighty Years of Wooing New Zealand Voters


A lively history of political advertising in New Zealand, from the first election of the modern era in 1939 to today. Brimming with political-party campaign advertisements, this colourful, engaging book brings together 80 years of political ...

ISBN: 9780995109544

Binding: Paperback


Prosper: A Voyage At Sea: Short Black 8

by Simon Leys

'A big liner, brightly lit, passes us one or two cable-lengths ahead. 'Ow! They are guzzling champagne but cannot see what's in front of them!' grumbles Etienne, who has the helm and puts Prosper back on course. Our wooden boat, which one long ...

ISBN: 9781863957700

Binding: Paperback


Proudly We Can Be Africans: Black Americans and Africa, 1935-1961

by James H. Meriwether

ISBN: 9780807849972

Binding: Paperback


Queens Consort

England's Medieval Queens

by Lisa Hilton

ISBN: 9780753826119

Binding: Paperback