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Genocide and the Politics of Memory: Studying Death to Preserve Life

by Herbert Hirsch

ISBN: 9780807845059

Binding: Paperback


German Genius: Europe's Third Renaissance, the Second Scientific Revolution and the Twentieth Century

by Peter Watson

From the end of the Baroque age and the death of Bach in 1750 to the rise of Hitler in 1933, Germany was transformed from a poor relation among western nations into a dominant intellectual and cultural force more influential than France, ...

ISBN: 9781416526155

Binding: Paperback


Ghost Empire

by Richard Fidler

'A brilliant reconstruction of the saga of power, glory, invasion and decay that is the one-thousand year story of Constantinople. A truly marvellous book.' - Simon Winchester In 2014, Richard Fidler and his son Joe made a journey to Istanbul. ...

ISBN: 9780733338557

Binding: Paperback


Gin Glorious Gin

How Mother's Ruin Became the Spirit of London

by Olivia Williams

ISBN: 9781472215345

Binding: Paperback



by Paul Ham

ISBN: 9780143781325

Binding: Paperback


Gorillas in the Mist

by Dian Fossey

ISBN: 9780753811412

Binding: Paperback



Great Australian Bush Funeral Stories

by Bill 'Swampy' Marsh

Death doesn’t mean the end of memorable stories from the bush. In fact, often it’s just the beginning. We’re nearing the end of the service and so I step closer in to do the last ‘ashes to ashes and dust to dust’ bit. Just as I get to the edge ...

ISBN: 9781489466136

Binding: CD-Audio

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Great Australian Scams, Cons And Rorts

A book of dodgy schemes and crazy dreams from the bush to the city

by Jim Haynes

Australia is the birthplace and setting of some of the wildest, craziest and least-likely-to-succeed cons and rorts in history. From the cleverest double-crosses to the most unlikely and maddest schemes, master storyteller Jim Haynes reminds us ...

ISBN: 9781489412669

Binding: CD-Audio

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Great Pioneer Women Of The Outback

by Susanna De Vries

In the 1800s, the first white farmers and graziers making their homes in the outback were joined by their wives, many of whom had no idea what lay in store. Expecting a tropical paradise, these female pioneers encountered instead conditions ...

ISBN: 9780732276638

Binding: Paperback


Great Tales From English History

Cheddar Man to DNA

by Robert Lacey

ISBN: 9780349117317

Binding: Paperback


Harley-Davidson Sportster

Sixty Years

by Allan Girdler

Harley-Davidson Sportster: Sixty Years tells the complete story of the Sportster. First produced in 1957, it has gone on to become one of the top selling motorcycles of the twenty-first century. ...

ISBN: 9780760352182

Binding: Hardback


Harvesting Change: Labor and Agrarian Reform in Nicaragua, 1979-1990

by Laura J. Enriquez

ISBN: 9780807843154

Binding: Paperback


Haverin' History of Scotland


"A braw wee book o' haverin" "A bonnie read on a dreich day" Mary Queen of Scots was here takes an irreverent look at Scottish history. The book is a chronological narrative of Scotland's long and impressive history, from the highs of ...

ISBN: 9780750986939

Binding: Paperback


Henry Steele Commager: Midcentury Liberalism and the History of the Present

by Neil Jumonville

ISBN: 9781469611013

Binding: Paperback


Herodotus and Religion in the Persian Wars

by Jon D Mikalson

ISBN: 9780807872888

Binding: Paperback


Histories, The

by Herodotus

<b><i>'No one is fool enough to choose war instead of peace - in peace sons bury fathers, but in war fathers bury sons' </i></b>One of the masterpieces of classical literature, <i>The Histories</i> describes how a small and quarrelsome ...

ISBN: 9780140449082

Binding: Paperback



Why It Matters

by Lynn Hunt

<p>We justify our actions in the present through our understanding of the past. But we live in a time when politicians lie brazenly about historical facts and meddle with the content of history books, while media differ wildly in their reporting

ISBN: 9781509525546

Binding: Paperback


History Of Australia In 100 Objects

by Toby Creswell

<i>The History of Australia in 100 Objects</i> is a fresh, accessible take on Australian history. It explores both well- and little-known stories through the objects of the time and the people who made and owned them.<BR> <BR> Some stories are ...

ISBN: 9780670077892

Binding: Hardback


History of Britain in 100 Dogs


An illustrated history of Great Britain told through dogs Throughout history they have sniffed, rolled, shaken and pawed their way to our hearts, and behind almost every great Briton is a faithful hound. This beautifully illustrated book ...

ISBN: 9780750964890

Binding: Hardback