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Hellstrip Gardening: Create a Paradise Between the Sidewalk and the Curb


The hellstrip also known as a boulevard, meridian, and planting strip is finally getting the attention it deserves! Gardeners everywhere are taking advantage of the space to add curb appeal to their homes, expand the size of their gardens, and ...

ISBN: 9781604693324

Binding: Paperback


Herb Garden For Cooks, The

by Jeff Cox

<i>The practical, plot-to-plate guide to growing and cooking with herbs </i> From basil to vervain, <i>The Herd Harden for Cooks</i> will teach you everything you need to know about nurturing, harvesting and cooking with ...

ISBN: 9781409386551

Binding: Paperback


Herbal Apothecary


"A brilliant addition to any library." Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist and bestselling author More and more people are exploring the healing possibilities of plant-based medicines, and health shops across the country now stock their shelves with ...

ISBN: 9781604695670

Binding: Paperback


Herbs and Spices

by Burke Don

Another great book from Don Burke, Herbs and Spices has a wonderful collection of herbs and spices that can be grown in your own garden, and used in everyday cooking.Herbs and Spices by Don Burke has a wonderful collection of herbs, and spices, ...

ISBN: 9781921517303

Binding: Hardback


Herbs in Bloom


Now in paperback, Herbs in Bloom is a delightful A Z selection of 80 favourite groups of flowering herbs. Full of detailed information on how to grow each herb from seed or cuttings, the book offers systematic advice on site selection, soils, ...

ISBN: 9780881926989

Binding: Paperback



Creative Herb Garden Themes and Projects

by Judy Lowe

ISBN: 9781591864905

Binding: Paperback


Herterton House and a New Country Garden


Frank and Marjorie Lawley have spent almost 40 years at Herterton House, a 16th century farmhouse on the Wallington Estate, near Cambo (birthplace of Capability Brown) in Northumberland. When they leased Herterton from the National Trust in ...

ISBN: 9781910258583

Binding: Paperback


Hidcote: The Garden and Lawrence Johnston

by Anna Pavord

Often described as 'the most beautiful garden in England', Hidcote is a jewel in England's horticultural history. the garden's creator, Lawrence Johnston, was inspired by many of the Arts and Crafts design ideas at the turn of the 20th century.

ISBN: 9781905400614

Binding: Paperback


High-Impact, Low-Carbon Gardening: 1001 Ways to Garden Sustainably


The environmental benefits of gardens are well-known: trees and plants capture carbon emissions, help to moderate the urban climate, promote health and well being, and help reduce energy consumption. But some garden practices are downright ...

ISBN: 9780881929980

Binding: Paperback


High-Yield Vegetable Gardening


You won't believe your eyes when you see the size of your harvest! In High-Yield Vegetable Gardening, authors Colin McCrate and Brad Halm show how you can make your food garden much more productive, no matter how big or small it is. You'll ...

ISBN: 9781612123967

Binding: Paperback



A Garden Celebrated

by HRH The Prince of Wales

ISBN: 9780297869351

Binding: Hardback


History of Kitchen Gardening

by Susan Campbell

This book is a new and significantly revised version of the much acclaimed Charleston Kedding: A History of Kitchen Gardening, which was published in 1996. ...

ISBN: 9781910065914

Binding: Paperback


History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens


An illustrated history of garden design as told through iconic gardens from around the world. The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens explores the key moments in garden design. Through profiles of 100 of the most influential gardens, ...

ISBN: 9781604695298

Binding: Hardback


Hollies for Gardeners


Richly enshrouded in legend and superstition, valued for a wide variety of uses and prized by gardeners, hollies have always been part of our lives and gardens. Now they are enjoying a peak of popularity as gardeners wake up to their huge ...

ISBN: 9780881927740

Binding: Hardback


Home Gardener's Container Gardens

by David Squire

No matter how big or small a garden is, there is always room for a container. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes and encompass everything from urns, troughs, planters and tubs, to hanging baskets, window boxes and wall pots. ...

ISBN: 9781580117760

Binding: Paperback


Home Gardener's Garden Design & Planning

by A. &amp Bridgewater

Synopsis coming soon....... ...

ISBN: 9781580117722

Binding: Paperback


Home Gardener's Herb Gardens

by David Squire

More than 330 color illustrations and diagrams, backed with easily followed text, help gardeners at all skill levels learn to buy, plant, tend, and harvest a rich bounty of herbs. Complete herb identification and growing instructions are ...

ISBN: 9781580117753

Binding: Paperback


Home Gardener's No Dig Raised Bed Gardens

by A Bridgewater

For those without the time or stamina to spend hours maintaining a garden, well-known experts Alan and Gill Bridgewater offer an easy-care method with minimal digging and weeding. They show how to make raised beds, build up soil with mushroom ...

ISBN: 9781580117807

Binding: Paperback


Home Gardener's Perennials & Bulbs

by Miranda Smith

Perennials are the types of plants that bloom every year and because they know what to expect in terms of colour, blooms and textures, many gardeners use them to provide a basic structure to their gardens, borders and the overall landscape. The ...

ISBN: 9781580118033

Binding: Paperback


Home Gardeners Allotments

by A Bridgewater

Allotment gardening is becoming increasingly popular as people discover that growing their own organic vegetables, fruits and herbs is an attractive and achievable option. Allotment gardening also has additional benefits: it's an excellent way ...

ISBN: 9781580117548

Binding: Paperback