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Garden Builder

Plans and Instructions for 35 Projects You Can Make

by JoAnn Moser

Thirty one creative, elegant and highly useful garden building projects made with everyday building materials. Each project includes a complete measured drawing, colour step-by-step photos and clear instructions. ...

ISBN: 9780760353936

Binding: Paperback


Garden Design Bible

40 great off-the-peg designs Detailed planting plans Step-by-step projects Gardens to adapt for your space

by Tim Newbury

ISBN: 9780600632443

Binding: Paperback


Garden Design Solutions

Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

by Stephen Woodhams

Award-winning garden designer Stephen Woodhams demonstrates how to make the most of any outside space, whether it is a typical urban garden, exposed roof terrace or shady courtyard. ...

ISBN: 9781910254028

Binding: Hardback


Garden DIY

The complete guide to garden renovation projects

by Chris Maton

Garden DIY provides a thorough grounding in basic garden landscaping skills and offers a host of inspiring projects to show how to put them into practice. ...

ISBN: 9781742667911

Binding: Hardback


Garden DIY Boundaries

by Murdoch Books

<i>Garden DIY Boundaries</i> provides a thorough grounding in basic garden landscaping skills and offers a host of inspiring projects to show how to put them into practice. ...

ISBN: 9781740451635

Binding: Paperback



by Murdoch Books

Nothing can beat the soothing, natural qualities of water when it is placed in a garden. ...

ISBN: 9781740451628

Binding: Paperback


Garden Flora


A beautifully illustrated exploration of the cultural and natural history of 133 beloved garden plants from Noel Kingsbury, one of the leading names in horticulture. The plants we grow in our gardens have dual personalities. All of them ...

ISBN: 9781604695656

Binding: Hardback


Garden Friends: Plants, Animals and Wildlife that are Good for your Garden

by Ed Ikin

Make some garden friends - an array of plants, animals, insects, birds and other wildlife that will help you maintain a happy, healthy outdoor space. Get the best out of your outside space by calling on your garden 'friends'. Introducing ...

ISBN: 9781909881785

Binding: Hardback


Garden In Every Sense and Season


Essays that enliven the five senses throughout the gardening year. So much of gardening is focused on the monthly checklists, seasonal to-do lists, and daily upkeep - weed this area, plant these seeds, prune this tree, rake these leaves, dig ...

ISBN: 9781604697452

Binding: Hardback


Garden Interior

A Year of Inspired Beauty

by David Jensen

The Garden Interior is the inspiring story of how one garden raised a family and what goes on inside the heart and mind of a gardener. ...

ISBN: 9781630476823

Binding: Paperback


Garden Life

by Richard Unsworth

<i>Garden </i>Life is a gardening book with soul, in which Richard Unsworth, leading landscape designer and co-owner of renowned outdoor store, Garden Life, shares his boundless enthusiasm for all things green. This book showcases ...

ISBN: 9781921383007

Binding: Hardback


Garden Love: Plants, Dogs, Country Gardens

by Griffiths Simon

ISBN: 9781760760083

Binding: Hardback


Garden Makeovers

Quick Fixes and Designer Secrets to Transform Your Garden

by Caroline Tilston

<b>Creating gardening magic on the weekends</b> <p>For anyone entertaining the in-laws, or planning a barbecue, or thinking of reselling a house, turning a neglected backyard into a showcase-almost overnight-might sound impossible. Ideal for ...

ISBN: 9780470517628

Binding: Paperback


Garden of a Thousand Roses

How to Make a Rose Garden in Australia

by Susan Irvine

Following the success of Susan Irvine's books, 'Rose Gardens of Australia' and 'The Garden at Forest Hall', her readers will be happy to know that 'Garden of a Thousand Roses' was the book that started it all, and it is now back in print in a ...

ISBN: 9781864470888

Binding: Paperback


Garden Ornament


Garden design in relation to architecture -- gates, steps, balustrades, urns, and many other topics are discussed in the inimitable style of Britain's great pioneer gardener. ...

ISBN: 9780907462163

Binding: Hardback


Garden Pests, Diseases & Good Bugs: The Ultimate Illustrated Guide for Australian Gardeners

by Denis Crawford

The most comprehensive illustrated book on pests and diseases - and beneficial insects - for Australian gardeners. this is the book that Australian gardeners have been waiting for! Packed with more than 750 stunning and detailed photographs, ...

ISBN: 9780733331886

Binding: Paperback


Garden Plants & Flowers in Australia

by DK Australia

The new landscape edition of this popular title makes it easier than ever to access authoritative advice and to experience the pleasures gardening can offer. <BR>Take your pick from the A-Z of thousands of plants for dazzling year-round ...

ISBN: 9780143769712

Binding: Hardback


Garden Renovation: Transform Your Yard into the Garden of Your Dreams


A do-it-yourself guide to a complete garden rehab Gardens, just like houses, sometimes need makeovers. The changes can be as minor as replacing a shrub or as major as pulling everything up and starting from scratch. No matter the size of your ...

ISBN: 9781604696127

Binding: Paperback


Garden Retreats


ISBN: 9781580171496

Binding: Paperback


Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source of Environmental Change


ISBN: 9781604696165

Binding: Hardback