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Designing and Implementing the Curriculum: A Compendium of Criteria for Best Teaching Practices

by Marie Menna Pagliaro

ISBN: 9781475838589

Binding: Hardback


Designing for Learning

Creating Campus Environments for Student Success

by C. Carney Strange

ISBN: 9781118823521

Binding: Hardback



Developing a Networked School Community

A guide to realising the vision

by Mal Lee

<i>Developing a Networked School Community: A guide to realising the vision</i> examines the next phase of schooling ? the development of networked school communities. Already, there are pathfinding schools that have moved from the traditional ...

ISBN: 9780864319814

Binding: Paperback


Developing Creativity In Primary

by Jill Jesson

ISBN: 9780335244638

Binding: Paperback


Developing Effective Assessmt Hig Ed, Sc

by Sue Bloxham

ISBN: 9780335221073

Binding: Paperback


Developing Mathematical Thinking: A Guide to Rethinking the Mathematics Classroom

by Jonathan Katz

ISBN: 9781475810561

Binding: Hardback


Developing Positive Classroom Environments

Strategies for nurturing adolescent learning

by Beth Saggers

A textbook for pre-service teachers providing practical guidance on managing classroom behaviour in the middle years ...

ISBN: 9781760294861

Binding: Paperback


Developing Reading Comprehension

by Paula J. Clarke

<p>Presents cutting-edge, evidence-based interventions for dealing with specific difficulties of reading comprehension in children aged 7-11.</p> <ul> <li>An in-depth introduction to the ?poor comprehender profile?, which describes children who ...

ISBN: 9781118606759

Binding: Paperback


Developing Reflective Practice Early Yrs

by Alice Paige-Smith

ISBN: 9780335242351

Binding: Paperback



Developing Self-Confidence in Young Writ

by Steve Bowkett

ISBN: 9781472943651

Binding: Paperback


Developmental Management Approach to Classroom Behaviour

by Ramon Lewis

This book describes a system of successful classroom behaviour management techniques developed by the author over more than 25 years of teaching practice. It outlines the difficulties confronting teachers trying to manage students? misbehaviour ...

ISBN: 9780864316479

Binding: Paperback


Did You Just Eat That?

Two Scientists Explore Double-Dipping, the Five-Second Rule, and other Food Myths in the Lab

by Paul Dawson

ISBN: 9780393609752

Binding: Hardback


Difficult Students and Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Teacher Responses That Work

by Vance Austin PhD

ISBN: 9780393707540

Binding: Paperback


Digital Tools for Knowledge Construction in the Elementary Grades

by Michael Blocher

ISBN: 9781475828498

Binding: Hardback


Digital Tools for Knowledge Construction in the Secondary Grades

by Michael Blocher

ISBN: 9781475828467

Binding: Hardback


Digital Writing for English Language Learners

by Rusul Alrubail

ISBN: 9781475831092

Binding: Hardback


Disability in Higher Education

A Social Justice Approach

by Nancy J. Evans

ISBN: 9781118018224

Binding: Hardback