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Educational Psychology

by John Santrock

ISBN: 9780073378787

Binding: Paperback


Educational Psychology Casework: A Practice Guide (POD)

by Rick Beaver

ISBN: 9781853023644

Binding: Paperback


Educational Research

Creative Thinking and Doing

by John O'Toole

Educational Research: Creative Thinking and Doing is an engaging and accessible introduction to the broad field of educational research. It demonstrates how to use research to think about issues arising from classroom settings, organisations, or

ISBN: 9780195518313

Binding: Paperback


Educational Research

by Ken Springer

This book provides educators with an engaging introduction to educational research that places a greater emphasis on which research was conducted. They?ll gain a strong understanding of why certain concepts are important, why certain methods are

ISBN: 9780470131329

Binding: Hardback


Educator's Quick Reference Guide to Curriculum Compacting

by Sally Reis

ISBN: 9781618217882

Binding: Paperback


Educator's Quick Reference Guide to Growth Mindsets

by Mary Cay Ricci

ISBN: 9781618217912

Binding: Paperback


Effective Classroom Communication Pocketbook

by Richard Churches

Research consistently shows that teacher effectiveness is about engagement, interaction, questioning, positive atmosphere, high expectations and suitable challenge. At the heart of all these areas is the ability to communicate effectively. How ...

ISBN: 9781906610111

Binding: Paperback


Effective Classroom Practice

by Kington

ISBN: 9780335247127

Binding: Paperback


Effective Online Teaching

Foundations and Strategies for Student Success

by Tina Stavredes

In order to enable the widespread adoption of online education, faculty must be trained in the pedagogy of teaching in this medium. This book offers an understanding of how cognition and learning theory applies to an online learning ...

ISBN: 9780470578384

Binding: Paperback


Effective Practice In The Eyfs

by Vicky Hutchin

ISBN: 9780335247530

Binding: Paperback


Effective Senco: Meeting The Challenge

by Wearmouth

ISBN: 9780335262045

Binding: Paperback


Effective Teacher Development

by Bob Burstow

The responsibility for facilitating effective continuing professional development (CPD) is based firmly in schools. Frequently, decisions are based on gut feeling, advertisements received or prior experiences. <i>Effective Teacher ...

ISBN: 9781474231855

Binding: Paperback


Electric Dreams

by Caroline Kettlewell

ISBN: 9780786714858

Binding: Paperback


Elementary Classroom Management: Lessons From Research And Practice

by Weinstein

ISBN: 9780078024542

Binding: Paperback


ELT Curriculum - Design, Innovation and Mangement

by Ronald White

ELT teachers today are faced with a bewildering choice of aims, methods and materials. How can they design or choose language curricula best suited to their learners' needs? What options are open to them in designing and introducing new ...

ISBN: 9780631151524

Binding: Paperback


Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

A Guide for Students, Second Edition

by Marcy Levy Shankman

<b>The only book for students which explores the connection between emotional intelligence and effective leadership</b> <p><i>Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: A Guide for Students</i> is based on a conceptual model that helps students to ...

ISBN: 9781118821787

Binding: Paperback


Empathic Intelligence

Teaching, Learning, Relating

by Roslyn Arnold

Explains what makes an educator exceptional. The theory of empathic intelligence affirms the practice of those who are attuned to others and gifted in developing others’ potential. <i>Empathic Intelligence</i> argues for the importance of ...

ISBN: 9780868405919

Binding: Paperback


Empowered Educators

How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World

by Linda Darling-Hammond

ISBN: 9781119369608

Binding: Paperback


Empowered Educators in Australia

How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality Around the World

by Dion Burns

<p><b>BEST PRACTICES FROM AUSTRALIA'S HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOL SYSTEMS</b></p> <p><i>Empowered Educators in Australia</i> is one volume in a series that explores how high- performing educational systems from around the world achieve strong ...

ISBN: 9781119369646

Binding: Paperback


Empowered Educators in Canada

How High-performing Systems Shape Teaching Quality

by Carol Campbell

<p><b>BEST PRACTICES FROM CANADA'S HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOL SYSTEMS</b></p> <p><i>Empowered Educators in Canada</i> is one volume in a series that explores how high-performing educational systems from around the world achieve strong results. The ...

ISBN: 9781119369622

Binding: Paperback